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Garland garden bulb 10m 10 toolholders black

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Description of product Garland garden bulb 10m 10 toolholders black

Garland bulb garden 10m 10 frames black is a very simple, but amazingly multifunctional gadget that allows you to completely change the appearance of the terrace and garden. It will work as an effective garden lighting, but also its modern decoration. You can easily hang it in such a place that it attractively presents itself and provides the right amount of light while you are barbecue with your friends. It is worth mentioning that bulb-shaped garlands are also suitable for use in enclosed spaces. They fit the bedroom and modern living room. They can also illuminate the exterior of the building, which looks beautiful after sunset. Warm light provides a unique, magical atmosphere.

Dimensions of the garland

Presented light bulb garland consists of a solid rubber cord, which length is 10m. There are 10 frames placed on it, protected against moisture and low temperatures.

Source of light

The garland Incandescent bulbs use ten. They must be equipped with one of the most popular threads - E27.

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