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Hanging lamp Copernicus Black 180 W Led

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Description of product Hanging lamp Copernicus Black 180 W Led

COPERNICUS lamps - a tribute to diversity

The COPERNICUS lamp collection is one of the most interesting and original proposals of the Polish brand MiLAGRO. This collection includes 8 lamps, in two different sizes and in four color variants. Although the direct inspiration for its creation was the heliocentric theory of Nicolaus Copernicus and the rotation of celestial bodies, the intriguing form of the lamps will certainly appeal not only to fans of the famous astronomer or space lovers.

The amazing COPERNICUS ceiling lamps are a perfect confirmation of the thesis that good design does not have to be complicated and can be based on simple forms. The structure of each lamp is based on five rings of different diameter, arranged spherically in such a way as to resemble orbits and a three-dimensional model of the solar system. The whole thing is suspended on adjustable cables, attached at the top to a round rosette. In the case of the larger model, the outermost ring has a diameter of 85 centimeters, and the next ones are slightly smaller and are 80, 75, 70 and 65 cm. The second proposal from the COPERNICUS collection consists of rims with diameters of 60, 55, 50, 45 and 40 centimeters. Each of these proposals is available in white, black, gold and chrome, so that the lamp can be easily adapted to both the volume and the color of the room.

The golden variant will look great against the background of silk materials, precious metal accessories and marble plates. Black and chrome lamps will fit perfectly into the loft atmosphere, perfectly harmonizing with concrete, brick and wood. The white model is the most universal and can be successfully selected for almost any interior. However, it will look particularly effective in bright interiors, with large windows interspersed with delicate muntins and a lot of light.

The COPERNICUS collection - a scientific approach to lighting

The unusual and one-of-a-kind lamps from the COPERNICUS line are a combination of a timeless format with modern technology. They are made of aluminum and acrylic, and their illumination is caused by 260W LED bulbs for the larger model and 180W for the smaller model. The light is emitted from the side edges of each ring, and the manufacturer recommends that it should have a pleasant, warm color of 3000K.

The collection of COPERNICUS lamps includes:
• Pendant lamp COPERNICUS gold 85 + 80 + 75 + 70 + 65 cm ML6148
• COPERNICUS chrome LED pendant lamp 85 + 80 + 75 + 70 + 65 cm ML6149
• COPERNICUS LED pendant lamp white 85 + 80 + 75 + 70 + 65 cm ML6150
• COPERNICUS LED pendant lamp black 85 + 80 + 75 + 70 + 65 cm ML6151
• LED pendant lamp COPERNICUS gold 60 + 55 + 50 + 45 + 40 cm ML6152
• COPERNICUS chrome LED pendant lamp 60 + 55 + 50 + 45 + 40 cm ML6153
• COPERNICUS LED pendant lamp white 60 + 55 + 50 + 45 + 40 cm ML6154
• COPERNICUS LED pendant lamp black 60 + 55 + 50 + 45 + 40 cm ML6155

Technical details

Light source included
Main color
180 W.
Protection Marking
230 V
60 cm
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