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Induction boiler, 7 kW, for heating the surface of 120m² - 140m²

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Description of product Induction boiler, 7 kW, for heating the surface of 120m² - 140m²

Modern heating device that does not have electric heaters. The central heating boiler operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction, which consists in the creation of an electromotive field in the boiler coil due to the change of the magnetic flux. The electromagnetic field is captured by stainless steel. Thanks to electromagnetic induction, eddy currents are created that ensure efficient and economical operation of the induction furnace. The purchase of a single boiler is an investment for years with many advantages. It's not so powerful, it's also convenient. Definitely cheaper in operation compared to other available devices equipped with traditional heaters that wear out and stone water throughout the central heating system (central heating). The furnaces eliminate the problem thanks to the absence of a traditional heater and can last a lot longer without failure and without servicing.


Most often, customers of our store choose boilers to heat their homes, often installing floor heating or air curtains supplying energy from the boiler. Induction furnaces of our company are most often used in parallel to heating utility water in the boiler. The possibilities of using and using energy coming from the boiler are really many.

Economics and performance:

Boiler operation time is controlled. Efficiency and economy ensure operation in automatic mode. The single induction boiler minimizes the heat loss of 98% (no chimney installation is needed), because it heats the water immediately, not its surroundings. It can also heat up much faster, so you do not have to turn it on a few hours earlier to heat the house. The saving here is due to the fact that we only heat when we need it. For example, when we go to work, we set it to minimum heating, so as to maintain the minimum temperature necessary for the optimal operation of the home installation. When buying a boiler in our store, you do not incur any costs related to the use, conversion or creation of a boiler room. The boiler available on this product card, heats buildings up to 140 sq m. Other induction boilers heating larger rooms are available here.

Technical parameters:

  • Model: 7kW 400V x3.
  • Power: 7kW
  • corrected
  • Heated area in (m²): 140m².

The advantages of a triple induction boiler:

  • It does not take up much space.
  • Safe to use.
  • Perfect for allotment buildings, studios, offices.
  • Completely maintenance-free.


An induction boiler is an investment for years. Its service life is about 30 years. Boiler body made of rolled steel, covered with full corrosion protection or stainless steel, depending on the model. A copper induction coil with a high-temperature cover and a metal holder for vertical assembly provide convenience during installation.


Induction boilers which are used in building houses based on technologies:

  • A ++ and A + and A heating costs for an induction boiler lower than using solid fuel,
  • B costs comparable to costs incurred with the use of natural gas,
  • C costs comparable to the costs incurred when using natural gas.

With properly completed thermo-modernization of the building (thermo-modernization - activities that are designed to reduce the volatilization of hot air and those that will be ensured by economical heating of the building), the single induction boiler achieves very low energy demand (EU).

Universal connection options

Our boiler can be connected to an already existing heating system. The single 6.0 boiler works with heating systems such as: a furnace, solid fuel boiler, heat pump, photovoltaic plant, air curtain, etc. An induction boiler can operate in installations made of copper and steel pipes , from synthetic materials.

Boiler installation

Our boilers can be installed in buildings where copper, steel or plastic pipes are used for the construction of central heating. Also the material from which the radiators are made does not put obstacles; you can use steel, copper, cast iron or aluminum radiators for installation.

ATTENTION! The possibility of additional purchase of a temperature controller - 390 PLN gross and an electrical box (ie security) - 190 PLN gross. Why do we sell accessories separately? Some of our clients use the controller from the previous furnace (it is possible). In turn, the overcurrent fuse and contactor are placed directly in the main box and do not want to mount the other one.

The boilers can be segmented, which makes it possible to increase the heated area.

Segmented combined induction boilers - Lunares.pl

An exemplary diagram of the installation of a hot water CWU boiler

An example diagram of the installation of an induction boiler with C.W.U. - Lunares.pl

An exemplary diagram of the installation of an induction boiler.

An exemplary diagram of the installation of an induction boiler - Lunares.pl

An exemplary diagram of the installation of an induction boiler.

An exemplary scheme of connection of an induction boiler with a solid fuel boiler - Lunares.pl

1 - induction boiler; 2 - control panel; 3 - security group; 4 - solid fuel boiler; 5 - heat accumulator; 6 - ball valve; 7 - return valve; 8 - circulation pump; 9 - three-way valve; 10 - radiator; 11 - underfloor heating; 12 - expansion tank.

An exemplary scheme of connection between an induction boiler and a solid fuel boiler.

An example of a schematic diagram of connecting an induction boiler to a solid fuel boiler (c.o. and last.c.) - Lunares.pl

1 - induction boilers; 2 - control panel; 3 - safety valve; 4 - solid fuel boiler; 5 - water container; 6 - water supply; 7 - Ball valve; 8 - circulation pump; 9 - check valve; 10 - hydraulic arrow; 11 - safety valve; 12 - vascular expansion tank; 13 - distributor; 14 - valve; 15 - shower; 16 - underfloor heating; 17 - radiators; 18 - bathtub.

Induction boiler, 7 kW, for heating the surface of 120m² - 140m² - Reviews

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Zoltan Michael

September 19, 2020

New house

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September 17, 2019

The electrician and plumber easily installed the stove and conquered the necessary documents. i am very pleased with the results because the heating with the help of an induction furnace is about 100 pln smaller.

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