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LOFT GLASH GH01 Studio Lamp

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Description of product LOFT GLASH GH01 Studio Lamp

GLASH GE01 lamp was designed for a special order of a company specializing in
lighting up concerts and stage events. The whole project was made as part of the planned stage setting of the concert of one of the stars of the contemporary show business. The lamp with its style refers to the best models of lighting lamps of the past decades. The incandescent, warm light source, enriched with stage lighting control solutions and LED technology, is a combination of traditional design and modernity. In the style of the GLASH GE01 lamp you can find inspiration both in European and American industrial design of the 1940s and 1950s, which were already aspiring to create products for the year 2000. They are distinguished by a simple and economical form, devoid of unnecessary ornaments, each element
combines a thoughtful compositional value with a specific practical function.

The products produced in these decades are also characterized by a very high durability, which is difficult to find in mass-produced products in the following decades. The GLASH GE01 lamp design has been so successful
that the designer decided to adopt it for his own needs, as tasteful furnishings of his own home.
Fans of stylish interiors, who value objects with a soul - the only and unique, quickly noticed all these features in the GLASH lamp. During the tests, many observers were delighted with the aesthetic qualities of the GLASH GE01 lamp. After minor modifications, the GLASH GH01 version was created, which first went to the restaurant and then to several rooms
loft type.

Technical details

Additional information
Height adjustable
Bartosz Dąbrowski
Guarantee period
2 years
210 cm - 310 cm
It contains a light source
Lamp style
Industrial / loft lamps
Lamp type
Main color
Steel, wood
Number of light points
Protection Marking
The height of the lampshade
56 cm
The type of light source
Light bulb
230 V

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