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Marble Thin Strips 30mm Decorative Stone

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Description of product Marble Thin Strips 30mm Decorative Stone

The wall finished in white marble is the perfect solution for people who like bright decor or want to brighten up the room. A stone with a beautiful, irregular structure that produces the effect of shiny sparkling snowflakes. It can be used to finish the exterior facade of the building as well as the walls inside the building. Thanks to the unique cutting technology, the strips have a small thickness (about 5 mm), thanks to which the loss of the surface is smaller and easier to transport and installation, as well as less stress on the wall structure.

Information on the installation of a wall finish made of 30mm marble strips

The strips have dimensions from 50mm to 300mm long, 3cm high and about 5mm thick. Their small format and light weight make it easy to assemble. It is recommended to use flexible glue for assembly.

The advantages of using marble stone in the form of thin, thin marble strips

  • Smaller loss of surface finish of the interior
  • Cheaper transport - less weight in transport
  • Less load on the walls and building structure

Potential disadvantages of using marble in thin strips

  • Possibility of damage in transport - belts through their thinness are more sensitive to mechanical damage in transport. That is why we only ship on the pallet to ensure safety.

Parameters of white marble in strips

  • Stone: Marble
  • Color: White with gloss
  • Length: from 50 to 300 mm
  • Height: 30 mm
  • Country of origin: Greece


  • Price for 1 m2
  • Shipping on a pallet, shipping cost PLN 100
  • It is not subject to the limits for free shipping
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