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Quiet AirDog X8 air purifier

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Description of product Quiet AirDog X8 air purifier

Wondering: Which air purifier should you choose? We advise on how to effectively protect your home against viruses and allergens.

In winter, when the temperature drops sharply, we start to heat our homes. To properly host the heat that we get from our boilers, we forget about frequent airing of the rooms in which we stay. This situation leads to the accumulation of dust deposits and other microorganisms in the air. These in turn are an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and viruses. An air purifier for your home can prove to be a salutary device that will help ensure the quality of our lives and often the lives of our family.

Children are usually sensitive to negative environmental factors. Because of the weaker immune system that is shaped every day, it is the youngest who have a better chance of getting sick. After returning home, our children spend a large amount of time in their own rooms, which should be regularly ventilated and free of dust. However, it is difficult to ensure a clean bedroom when smog and smoke from the chimneys float outside the window. During the heating season, airing your apartment, we really let in more pollution from the environment.

How to deal with a situation when we fall into a "closed circle" of pollution?

An air purifier is a device that is designed to get rid of dust, bad smells, smoke, allergens, bacteria and viruses from the air. Placed in the youngest bedroom, it will successfully clean the air that is currently in the house, as well as the one that gets in from outside. Thanks to the modern technology of the filter used, "System Ionic Wind Technology" will effectively clean the air in a room up to 90 m 2 . We recommend it especially as an allergy air purifier due to its high effectiveness. The device is the size of a "small cabinet" which will allow us to place it in almost every room. The AirDog X8 air purifier will be successfully used in the bedroom or children's room. It has a quiet mode, which we can run at night to be able to relax and almost forget about its existence 😊. An additional advantage is the function of extinguishing the diodes, even outside of sleep mode.

Air purification at home - device construction and wireless control

This modern air purifier has wheels to comfortably move it to another place or to another room. To increase comfort, the air purifier is equipped with up to 6 fan speeds. All these functions are conveniently activated with one button. The selection of the current program is indicated by a control lamp. In addition, the product has a parental lock, thanks to which our children will not change the working mode without our knowledge.

The air purifier with ionizer has a dedicated remote control, thanks to which we will activate the necessary functions without moving from the couch. In addition, when there is a need to start the device before returning home, we can conveniently use the mobile application on our phone. Regardless of which platform we currently use (Android or iOS). We download the application once and then connect to the device and it's ready! From the level of the mobile application you will use, among others, functions such as:

  • Remote control of the air purifier
  • On / off
  • Change to night mode
  • Parental lock
  • Air filtration settings
  • Constant monitoring of air quality

Air purifier price - is it worth investing in it? 💸

The technology used allows the removal of impurities such as PM10, PM2.5 dust, allergens, bacteria and viruses. The high-quality reusable filter attached to the device allows you to obtain the highest level of filtration without having to replace disposable filters, which allows you to reduce not only pollution in our home, but also take care of the environment. We use the filter cassette by hand or conveniently washing in a dishwasher. This system is definitely easier and ecological compared to traditional and cheaper HEPA filters. Our product has an additional filter for the air purifier, which we attach to the purchase for free.

AirDog X8 has been tested for laboratory tests. It has PZH certificate and type certificates: TUV, SGS, ISO9001, ISO14001.

Studies have shown that AirDog X8 removes up to 99.87% of the flu virus in an hour! In our store it is definitely the "Best air purifier". In the fight against the global threat - coronavirus, Airdog donated 120 Airdog X5 air purifiers as well as 500 KN95 masks and 2,000 protective goggles for the local Wuhan Asia Heart Hospital. More on this topic is described in the article, which you can read by clicking this link.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the AirDog line of air purifiers. The film presenting products of this brand is available below. If you have additional questions, we remain at your disposal.

Technical details

Air flow
800 m3 /h
CADR dust
800 m3 /h
CADR formaldechyde
320 m3 /h
CCM dust/CCM formaldehyd
38 cm
Designed for surfaces
90 m2
Fan speed
5 + sleep mode
Guarantee period
2 years
76 cm
Noise level
34-63 dB
Rated power
230 V
19,7 kg
38 cm
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