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Drewniana lampka stolowa balzan mini naturalny kolor l

Drewniana lampka stołowa Balzan mini naturalny kolor

April 13, 2019

Original table lamp, i recommend this online store, zaneta

~ Zaneta

Drewniana wiszaca lampa cross dalwik naturalne drewno 3 l

Drewniana wisząca lampa loft cross Dalwik naturalne drewno

February 17, 2019

Nice purchase cheaper than in other zanetal67 stores

~ ZanetaL67

Szynoprzewod eurostandard plus dl 200cm ral 9005 czarny l

Szynoprzewód EUROSTANDARD PLUS dł. 200cm (RAL 9005) czarny

January 26, 2019

Price adequate to quality. recommends shopping in this store

~ FranciszekE15

Chromowany kinkiet reflektorek inga e27 60w l

Chromowany Kinkiet Reflektorek Inga E27 60W

November 19, 2018

Excellent purchase for a fair price

~ Ada19

Rustykalna lampa wiszaca zyrandol antuza l

Rustykalna Lampa Wisząca Żyrandol ANTUZA

October 15, 2018

The perfect chandelier that met my expectations. i recommend this online store

~ magdalena

Loft is a style that shows stylization as an industrial interior. It is the only and unique style that surprisingly combines a unique chic design, clarity and expressive appearance, functionality and practicality. Loft is a style of bold ideas, today it is a real and fashionable decision to arrange a house or flat.

Characteristic features of the loft style

In the case of loft-style devices, this is inherent:

  • The range of colors of style - white and black, gray, brick and brown, metallic shades that make the products are compact and thick
  • There are no limitations in style design, which opens up great possibilities in realizing the most daring fantasies
  • The loft lamps provide the house with enough light, regardless of the room's surface.

Loft lighting in the interior

The loft lamps look original and modern. They will surely attract guests' attention and will constitute an extraordinary artistic object. Lamps often resemble luminaires of factories, industrial rooms, street lamps. Interesting, stylish and brutal features of such lamps perfectly match rooms with a different style, such as fusion, hi-tech or techno.

Floor lamps and loft-style chandeliers are a symbol of avoiding all ordinary interior designs. Such lighting is chosen when all the conditions for creating a real loft space are consistent with the design. High ceilings, large windows, brick walls, concrete pillars are designed to decorate them with beautiful things hanging lamps made of metals. In impeccably designed decorations of metropolitan restaurants, bars and cafes, loft lamps become the final chord of the entire interior. Many people, even if they do not have large apartments, try to arrange the interior in such a way that loft style lighting can be introduced.

Loft lamps - how to choose?

The original industrial loft lamp captures unusual light sources, sometimes even complex shapes, abstract features, and massiveness.

  • An industrial loft hanging lamp with a typical silver shade diffuser transmits scattered light. This type of lamp can be hung above the table at eye level and each table will be perfectly illuminated. You can also hang the loft lamp up and get the main room lighting. The simple form will be perfect in the dining room and the kitchen, matching the other interior furnishings.
  • A hanging loft lamp in the form of a jar gives a pleasant and unobtrusive lighting ideally representing the industrial style. This single light source will be a great solution for the kitchen, dining room, small living room or even the bedroom. This type of industrial lighting is often chosen for the decor of pubs and restaurants maintained in the loft style.
  • The floor loft lamp can visually enlarge a small room thanks to an LED bulb pointing upwards. The simplicity of the lamp in chrome and at the same time is unique reflects the features of industrial and minimalist style. The lamp will be a perfect lighting for the living room, bedroom and corridor.
  • A loft lamp in the form of a black-colored wall lamp, whose lampshade is made of wire will be a great accent of any room. Its character in an exceptionally strict arrangement will be found in the living room, hallway decorated in industrial style. This lamp is just an example of lighting that can be put into your loft interior, in the same arrangement you can buy a hanging lamp and standing on a desk.

Modern loft lighting is characterized by the patterns of the old factory. The products are stylized for lighting devices from the last century, without excessive decorating in the production conditions, they can redirect the luminous flux to illuminate a specific point. The lamps recreate the cozy atmosphere of the good old days and allow you to find peace of mind in a period of crazy pace.

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Christmas tree garland as outdoor lighting Garland-Spruce

Wondering how to decorate your home, garden, terrace or balcony for the upcoming Christmas holidays? A perfect way to create a luminous decoration, conjuring up a wonderful, warm atmosphere and underlining the magic of Christmas is the use of garden light bulb garlands. They are resistant to winter weather conditions and are very effective.

How to choose the right desk lamp? Lampa loftowa

A lamp set on a desk or mounted near a work place affects the efficiency of activities and concentration. Ill-matched lighting will cause your eyes to get tired quickly, cause headaches and even nausea. The light should not be too intense or too weak. You should also take into account the nature of the work and the use of the work station - whether we will be sitting at the desk only while studying or maybe a few - several hours a day.

Fashionable spider lamp representing loft style Loft Spider Lamp

In rooms furnished in a loft style, there should be appropriate decorative elements. Walls in a rough condition, exposed wiring or pipes need to be complemented by a suitable form of lighting. Loft interiors will be accentuated by the fashionable spider lamp, which - in addition to the decorative function - will be perfect as a central source of light. The device should be used not only in loft style rooms. The spider lamp will also be found in industrial and modern style.

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