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AirDog air purifiers AirDog air purifiers

Manufacturer of AirDog air purifiers

Since we pay attention to what we eat, we should also pay attention to what air we breathe. According to this principle, Silicon Valley Air Expert Inc. has created innovative, very modern air purifiers based on Ionic Wind Technology . The products of this brand are devices with high parameters, effectively eliminating any pollution, and at the same time limiting the costs of their use, i.e. the consumption of disposable filters. AirDog air purifiers are quiet, easy-to-use and energy-saving solutions that guarantee air purity and no negative impact on the environment.

AirDog air purifiers - high quality, efficiency and economy

The latest models of AirDog air purifiers operate on the basis of washable filters that do not need to be replaced, as is the case with many other devices of this type. The device stops not only dust and smog, but also all other, even the smallest particles, including viruses and bacteria. AirDog has a built-in reader that tests the concentration of pollutants and informs its user about the air quality in a given room via a display. In addition, the products of this brand have a very readable control panel, based on one button, which allows you to navigate between several different purification settings. In turn, the indicator light not only informs you whether the device is turned on, but also about individual modes of its operation, including even the mode of connecting to a wireless network. Approvals and certifications confirm that AirDog is more effective than HEPA filters because it retains PM10 and PM2.5 dust as well as allergens, viruses and bacteria.

Advantages of the AirDog air purifier

Air purifiers are necessary devices in apartments located in the center and on the outskirts of large cities. It will also be very beneficial to use them in homes where small children and allergy sufferers live. AirDog cleaners combine high efficiency and functionality with efficiency and economy, thanks to which their use is not associated with high costs. No need to change filters and low energy consumption make purchasing this brand's products a one-time expense. In addition, their undeniable advantage is their very quiet operation and the ability to use the parental lock function, which protects the device against unwanted children's interference. The operation of the cleaner is simple, fast and intuitive, and the ability to connect to it using the application gives you full control over its operation and efficiency. With AirDog devices you can forget about harmful dust, viruses, bacteria and allergens. Inhaling clean air you will quickly see the difference, not only in your well-being, but also in general health. What's more, your home will need vacuuming much less often, and the smell will remain pleasant and fresh.