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Aureliano Toso Lights Aureliano Toso Lights

The Aureliano Toso Illuminazione factory was founded in 1938 and is located on the island of Murano in Italy, where the production of beautiful luminaries has been developing for thousands of years. Aureliano Toso lamps come from the best glass masters who possess the ancient secrets of production. Designers are fascinated by the idea of working in different styles, from minimalism and high-tech to the interpretation of the classics. However, originality and individuality make the brand absolutely recognizable.

Aureliano Toso lamps are a unique design

The Aureliano Toso factory produces light constructions that enjoy functionality and give a sense of luxury. It produces chandeliers, sconces, lamps that will make your stay intriguingly pleasurable.

Aureliano toso lamps are distinguished by clean lines and modern style, as well as excellent traditions inscribed in the Venetian style of the eighteenth century. High, quality original models perfectly meet the needs of a wide range of customers around the world. Aureliano Toso lamps are suitable for living quarters, offices, cafes, restaurants, hotels, for lighting commercial areas, this list is unlimited.

Examples of AurelianoToso designer lamps

AurelianoToso pendant lamp designed for lighting the dining room, living room and bedroom perfectly fulfills its functions, additionally decorating each room. The perfect lamp has 12 light sources and is designed by the well-known designer Vincent Lo. So beautiful, the illumination of light will certainly enrich not only the house, but also the hotel or office. AurelianoToso lamp is distinguished by a filigree, chrome-plated metal construction. The lampshade consists of many interesting elements made of crystal glass. Glass rods are available in beautiful navy blue and transparent colors.

Another Aureliano Toso pendant lamp is perfect for hanging in the dining room above the table, in the living room above upholstered furniture, in a hotel or bedroom. The lamp strikes with its unusual appearance in the form of two glass panes in the form of a square in the middle, which contains a round frame made of white glass. Fascinating pendant lamp brightens any room, giving a soft light. The lampshade is framed by a subtle structure of chromed metal. You can turn the shade and adjust it exactly as you like it. The elegant character of this lamp is emphasized by a beautiful suspension, thanks to which this model blends perfectly into any interior.

Sconces Aureliano Toso

Wall lamp designed by Riccardo Giovanetti for Aureliano Toso, has a special feature, which is its diffuser. Made of blown, layered, satined glass. In addition, the front part of the lamp is smaller than the back part. The light effect created by this shape is enhanced by the special color of the diffuser with the color of coffee with milk and the gray lacquered metal construction is a nice contrast. Such a stylish wall lamp can be introduced into the bedroom, living room and dining room.

Another example of the extraordinary Aureliano Toso wall lamp is an orange wall lamp that will create a nice atmosphere in the apartment and add a charming glow to the walls. Among all the rooms of the house, the featured wall lamp will ideally be presented in the bedroom, hallway or living room. This type of lighting is designed to work with 1 bulb with a maximum power of 250 W, which allows sufficient lighting even for larger rooms.

Aureliano Toso luminaires

Recessed luminaire Aureliano Toso emits discrete scattered light. The sophisticated milky-crystal lampshade and flat chrome wheel fits the Provence and Scandinavian styles. The luminaire provides a unique atmosphere, mood, impressions and emotions of the person who is in this interior.

Another aesthetic and wall-to-wall ceiling with Aureliano Toso luminaire, which bathes every room in a gentle light, belongs to the Mey collection. This is not only a modern setting, but also a beautiful and noble decoration that is suitable for lighting a corridor, staircase, living room and dining room, but it must be admitted that it also catches the eye even in the public space. The lampshade is made of transparent and white glass, framed with a small structure of chromed metal.