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Axo Lightecture Lights Axo Lightecture Lights

The Italian company Axo Lightecture is a dynamically developing company in the world of Italian lighting design. The company's success is a harmonious combination of traditional glass processing methods with the latest technology. Axo Lightecture products are lighting devices that rely not only on diagrams and drawings, but also on emotions, associations and mood.

Axo Lightecture lamps

Axo Light lamps are perfectly suited to the interior of private homes, as well as to the business space. The manufacturer offers a wide range of options that meet the requirements of commercial projects. A number of technological innovations in the development of the proposed LED lamps gave the company international success. Axel Lightecture is made up of outstanding designers recognized around the world.

  • The Layers series consists of 16 lamps of various shapes with a metal frame and shades of corrugated fabric. The diameter of the lamps is from 93 to 300 cm and is available in 12 color options: shades of gray, white, yellow, orange, red, brick, wine, green. Light sources: halogen or E27 fluorescent lamps.
  • In the Euler series there are 7 lamps with lampshades made of transparent white refractory material, with a modular construction, enabling the creation of various variants from the basic elements. The diameter of the lamp is from 90 to 150 cm, it is equipped with a dimmer.
  • The Plumage series includes 5 light models, floor lamps of various sizes and hanging lamps. The three meter floor lamp has a diameter of 180 cm, the smaller one is only 190 cm high with a diameter of 80 cm. Axo Lightecture lamps are equipped with a dimmer and available in eight colors: white, green, red, brown, orange, light gray, fuchsia and a combination of all colors at the same time.
  • In Anad series there are only 2 suspended models with different diameters of 90 or 150 cm, made of artificial fire-resistant leather in four colors: ivory, bronze, red, brown with white bottom and contrasting seams. Light sources: a light bulb or a dimmable fluorescent lamp.

Wall light Axo Lightecture

A small, compact Axo Lightecture lamp can be mounted both on the ceiling and on the ceiling as a sconce. The diffuser rotates 360 degrees. The wall lamp is made entirely of metal. Covering the lamp with shiny chrome adds style and elegance. It is the smallest of lamps in the collection. It looks great alone and in the company of other lamps from the collection.

Desk lamp Axo Lightecture

A desk lamp from the Axo Lightecture collection is an example of a perfect combination of creative Italian imagination, innovative technologies and extremely accurate performance. The lamp is completely metal with a fully adjustable light direction. The stylish finish is shiny chrome. Adjustable knob makes this lamp is ideal for use in the office or a corner for children and teenagers.

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