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Beby Italy Lights Beby Italy Lights

As is often the case in Italian factories, the Beby Group Italy factory, today famous for exclusive crystal chandeliers, has grown out of a small family company. The factory director, Massimo Sofyato, grew up in the company while still being a student, he helped parents who started their own business. It formulates the main development priorities of the Beby Group in the following way: the right balance between art and business, both elements must support and strengthen each other. As a result, the Beby Group factory was transformed into a Renaissance studio of the new millennium, combining innovative technologies with high artistic value in the form of luxury chandeliers, wall lamps, ceiling lamps and table lamps.

Wall lamps Beby Italy - sconces

Wall lamp Beby Italy is made of metal in silver. On the fittings there are decorative pendants with Swarovski crystals. The number of bulbs is 7 with the power: 7 x 10 W. The lamp is designed for lighting interiors decorated in a classic style.,

A 3-arm wall lamp made of chromed metal in a crystal frame. The stands and pendants are made of transparent crystal. The luminaires have the form of candles with a flared flame. The wall lamp looks very impressive and ideally suits the living room decorated in a classic, Provencal and rustic style.

Chandelier Beby Italy

A beautiful amber chandelier from the Garden Party collection made of Murano glass. This is a new color of glass for the factory. It was presented for the first time in 2013 and has been appreciated by clients since then. The chains and pendants from the Swarovski crystal in golden bronze emphasize the unique charm and craftsmanship of the chandelier. The Beby Italy lamp height is adjusted by chain links. This unusual and luxurious lamp has 12 light sources placed on 12 arms each with a power of 40W which will perfectly illuminate even a large living room or dining room.

Ceiling lamp Beby Italy

Extremely charming and graceful ceiling lamp from the Bouquet collection of chromed metal. The design is made in the form of a flower bud. The decor of the lamp contains transparent pendants with round purple stones from Swarovski crystal. The Beby Italy fixture will find application in classic and modern style, illuminating and decorating the bedroom, dining room, hallway, many teenagers will gladly install such a lamp in their room. Ceiling lighting has 3 light sources, 50W, which gives discreet interior lighting.

Table lamp Beby Italy

Table lamp from the VIOLET collection on a chromed base. The decor consists of crystal pendants in purple. The lamp has 3 light sources after 40W, giving subtle table lighting. The luminaire contains three shades in a beautiful shade of purple, the arms are bent in a stylish shape, which together gives a perfect reception of this device. So an exquisite table lamp can adorn the largest residences in the world.

Lamps Beby Italy

Recessed luminaire from the Bouquet collection in golden metal. The decor is transparent pendants of red stone with Swarovski crystal. The lamp has a flat round shape in the middle, which has one halogen, GU10. Below are mounted extremely intricate and intricately made crystals that give the entire arrangement an unusual appearance. This type of fixture will be used in the bedroom, hallway, kitchen and youth room.

The built-in lamp from the Sand collection made of a transparent crystal with a decorative ornament and a chromed metal handle is an extraordinary decoration of any bedroom. Installing a dozen or so luminaires in the ceiling will achieve an extraordinary visual effect emphasizing the perfect arrangement arrangement of the user.