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Buzzi & Buzzi lamps

The Buzzi & Buzzi company was founded in 1990 by Pietro Buzzi and Marialuisa Chiari, two successful professionals who decided to cultivate and explain the insights and knowledge they gained thanks to many years of experience in the lighting industry. Technology and design combine to create new concepts of light: the result is really different objects, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also functional and technical Buzzi & Buzzi has an established position both in the country and internationally. Due to the vigilance towards demands and modern trends, the company has specialized in offering complete lighting products for incorporation, while at the same time optimizing the use of technical parameters. The company has stood out over the years thanks to its ethical commitment based on respect for the environment. This reflects not only the application of Coral®, which goes beyond the concept of zero impact, and also plays an active role in improving the environment in the space in which it is installed, but also through the selection of light sources that are mainly energy saving and LED bulbs widely used in Buzzi & Buzzi products.

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