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Carpyen lamps Carpyen lamps

The Spanish Carpyen company was founded in 1948. Later, she was a pioneer in the creation of lighting components, and now she is rightly considered the creator of trends in her sector. It is worth noting that for such a long period of existence Carpyen brand has not lost its importance: new sconces, chandeliers, lamps, are always something new and worthwhile.

The owners of Carpyen emphasize their origin and say they draw inspiration from the rhythm of Barcelona. The fashionable Carpyen chandeliers can be found in the rooms of many renowned hotels, in the offices and homes of celebrities.

The most beautiful Carpyen lamps - chandeliers

Chandelier in bright colors, complements modern lounges, offices, dining rooms and spacious kitchens. The metal structure is surrounded by a fabric shade that creates one harmonious set. Chandelier in the style of modern minimalism is distinguished by its free elegance in simple forms of action. The device in beige and white color, with a power of 100 watts, perfectly illuminates every interior.

A classic chandelier decorated in noble beige or traditional black or white models. The specificity of the luminaire is in an unusual shape, thanks to which the chandelier can be rotated by 360 °, thus creating full-fledged lighting with just one device. The advantages of this chandelier are functionality, style and practicality.

Hanging carpyen lamps

Hanging stylish Carpyen lamp amazes with the original idea of suspension height adjustment using a built-in module that is hooked to the ceiling. This unique device was designed by Christina Figerola, who was able to provide maximum comfort during work or leisure. This lamp will become an indispensable element in the office or at home, it will be convenient when cooking, reading books or working with documents. The body and design of the designer fixture is made of metal, which is offered in two matte finishes: white and black. The interior of the luminaire always remains white. The light switch is integrated in the housing

Ceiling, table, Carpyen floor lamps

The original three-color ceiling lamp makes it a simple but eye-catching luminaire. The gold frame perfectly reflects the light of powerful LED or halogen lamps, creating a cozy and warm atmosphere in the room. Carpyen lamp can be used in rooms with different ceiling heights, and compact dimensions make it possible to combine it with other types of lighting.

Snow-white table lamp Carpyen is able to decorate any living room, hallway or bedroom. The thin, openwork lamp is available in two versions: 40 and 63 centimeters. The design of the lamp allows the use of LED or halogen lamps up to 20 watts. The device will be an excellent option for everyday use in a wide range of interiors.

Floor Carpyen lamp does not take up much space in the room, because the most massive part of it is a metal base. It is ideal for people who are not afraid of experiments and live in high-tech style. Creative lamp easily fits in a minimalist interior, in which there are no bulky items. To create a cozy atmosphere, it is worth adding a comfortable armchair and a favorite book to the floor lamp.

Carpyen sconces

Carpyen sconce is an optimal choice for interiors in the style of high-tech or minimalism. Transparent geometric shapes harmoniously combine with the cold color of the metal. The wall lamp is mounted on a flexible wire that allows you to adjust the direction of the light beam. The wall lamp is turned on by pressing the button in its upper part, which is attached to the wall. The model comes in three colors, which allows you to create one style in each room of a modern apartment.

The modern Carpyen sconce is a combination of two squares is a unique source of light perfectly located in an interesting interior design. The aluminum white wall lamp can be used to create interesting lighting solutions, because you can create an impressive wall decoration from several pieces. A light device perfectly dissipating light is suitable for lighting the living room, bedroom, dining room and kitchen.