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Ceiling Eyelets

What are ceiling eyelets?

Ceiling eyelets are a simple and functional solution for lighting in any room. They perfectly illuminate any space, and most importantly, they consume less energy thanks to the use of LED diodes. In our store, you will find a wide range of this product. We have the usual classic eyelets in standard colors (silver, black, gold, white), and more sophisticated ones with interesting colors and shapes. This type of lighting is ideal for customers who like economical and simple solutions.

What ceiling eyelets to use when decorating a bedroom?

In fact, it all depends on the customer's taste and the style of the interior that will be decorated. The eyelets are minimalist so almost any type will fit. When choosing eyelets, it is worth paying attention to the color of the finish and the style of workmanship so that it does not clash with the whole. A nice complement to the mesh will be matching the color of, for example, accessories in the bedroom.

Which ceiling eyelets should be used when decorating a bathroom?

The situation is very similar to that of a bedroom - attention should fall to details. When decorating the bathroom, we can definitely go crazy and opt for eyes with stronger colors. A blue square eyelet will be an ideal solution. A "crystal" eyelet will also be a nice solution. The only thing that limits us is our imagination, so we count on your creativity.

Which ceiling eyelets should be used for kitchen decoction

Precision counts in the kitchen, so we recommend that you use the ceiling eyelets. They have strong light, so they will be perfect for evening family cooking. In this case, we recommend choosing classic eyelets with subdued colors.

Ceiling Eyelets