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Colonial lamps

Colonial lamps

Colonial-style patterns require good and competent lighting. When choosing lighting devices, you need to rely on styling. Hanging lamps, classic wall lamps and table lamps, glass chandeliers and metal shades will be appropriate for the interior. Colonial lighting combines the features of European, Asian and African designs. Natural materials such as steel and high-quality material are used in the production. The lamps look interesting and are suitable for kitchens, dining rooms, lounges and guest rooms of restaurants and cafes.

Hanging colonial lamps

Suspended ceiling lamps took from the colonial style such features as: stable forms, some models have ceiling lamps in a geometric form: cubes, cuboids, trapezoids, cylinders, etc. Colonial lamps are stylized as candlesticks. In some models of pendant lamps, the bulbs are in the form of candles, so they can create a romantic atmosphere.

Examples of colonial ceiling lighting

The brown and beige ceiling lamp made of wood, steel and PVC corresponds to the features of the colonial style and is distinguished by its original design. The design of such a lamp with 3 light sources allows it to be used in the living room, dining room, bedroom and hall. The arrangement of the light sources allows for its practical dispersion and obtaining adequate lighting of even a large room. The ceiling lamp is perfect for rooms in a colonial-style home.

The colonial-style ceiling pendant lamp in a bleached oak color is a perfect combination of steel, wood and glass. The use of 3 light sources allows you to illuminate a large living room and a medium-sized bedroom or corridor.

Colonial standing lamps

Colonial standing lighting is quite traditional but has some peculiarities. In the production of lamps, they combine steel, glass or wood. The top light and the bottom light look different. The lampshade made of thick material or glass can be white, brown or beige. But the main thing is that the result will be comprehensive and harmonious.

Examples of colonial floor lamps

Floor standing lamp with two light sources at different levels made of steel, wood and frosted glass, from which the lampshades are made. This type of colonial lighting looks great in the living room, bedroom and dining room. By installing a lamp in a bleached oak color, you can brighten the room and give it a unique coziness and elegance.

Colonial floor lamp with a unique shape of the base and a lampshade made of a dark-colored material will emphasize the features of this style and will be its faithful accent. A lamp with one light source will be found in a bedroom and a small living room.

Colonial lamp standing on a desk or night table in beige and brown color, the lampshade of which is made of a material embedded in a wood frame and supported by three steel legs. The whole thing looks very original and it will not only perfectly illuminate a desk in a youth room or office, but also will be an unusual decoration.

Colonial lighting - wall lamps

A beautiful colonial wall lamp in wenge color, the structure of which is based on wood and steel, decorated with a rectangular-shaped opal glass lampshade, will create eye-catching lighting for the living room, bedroom, hall and dining room. A wall lamp with one light source in such an effective design will satisfy the tastes of people who want to introduce a colonial arrangement to their apartment.

The combination of colonial and modern style is a good idea to create overall harmony in the apartment. Wall lamp in the form of a trapezoid in brown and beige, made of steel and the highest quality material, will bring elegance and comfortable sensations to the living room, bedroom and corridor.

All the presented types of colonial lighting can create comprehensive compositions. The design of hanging, standing and wall lamps creates interesting sets that reflect the features of the colonial style.

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Colonial lamps