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Decorative and decorative bulbs

Also called Edison bulbs, filament bulbs or simply decorative or decorative bulbs. They are used in luminaires that do not have a light diffusing cover, and where a direct light and decorative element is a light bulb. The large surface of the light-emitting fibers counteracts the effect of blinding, while the glowing fibers themselves constitute a decorative element.

Edison Filament LED bulbs

Built from one or many semiconductor semiconductor rods emitting light thanks to the use of LED diodes.


  • low energy consumption,
  • low operating temperature - allows you to use bulbs emitting a large luminous flux without fear of overheating,
  • lower price.


  • There may be a blinding effect due to the smaller surface of light emitted when the light bulb is too strong.

Edison Tungsten Bulbs

By using a tungsten filament that glows over its entire length, the Edison tungsten bulbs emit the same amount of light using a larger luminous surface, thus minimizing the effect of blinding. Recommended for restaurants, bars, pubs and other public places, where, apart from the lighting function, decorative functions also perform very well.

Features of Edison bulbs made in traditional technology:


  • no blinding effect,
  • a beautiful decoration that you can stare at.


  • High price,
  • high working temperature,
  • high power consumption.

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Edison bulb in the online store Loft Edison bulb

The nineteenth century was a time of extremely turbulent political, economic and social changes. For many, it may be associated with the struggle for freedom and independence (including Poles under partition), national uprisings against the prevailing order, or unification of countries like Germany and Italy. It should also be emphasized that it also resulted in many inventions and discoveries, which significantly influenced the improvement of people’s quality of life. Although many of us do not use them on a daily basis, or are not necessary for us to live - like a revolver or dynamite - however, there is a wide range of items that make life easier. In this group there is even a telephone, a tram, a radio and … an underrated light bulb.

Decorative & Edison Bulbs