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Etno lamps

Etno lamps

Functional and stylish lamps, bright and effective chandeliers, etno style lighting introduces something extraordinary, unique color, sense of naturalness and comfort to the interior, giving it completeness. Such lighting will fill the room with natural energy and strength, create an atmosphere of pleasant rest and well-being.

Fashionable ethno style lamps

Ethnic style is an original style that distinguishes nationality, naturalness, originality and special color. The interiors of rooms decorated in ethno style reflect the culture and traditions of the residents. Fashionable lamps in the ethno style have absorbed individual and specific characteristics characteristic of the culture of nations of different countries of the world. They were created and shaped under the influence of geographical conditions and cultural traditions of nations.

Ethno style is always popular and desirable, it includes a huge variety of styles, each of which has its own individual characteristics. Among them, it is important to mention the following ethno styles: Chinese and Japanese, English, African, French, Mediterranean, Indian, Egyptian and others.

Stylish etno lamps

Lighting plays an important role in designing the interior of a room in the ethno style . The rooms should have enough natural light, but you should not get around without the sources of artificial lighting. Properly selected stylish lamps can not only illuminate the room, but also emphasize the specificity of the interior design, give the room aesthetic appearance and beauty thanks to the appropriate lighting, focus on individual elements of the interior. The specificity of lamps in the ethno style is based on the fact that they use environmentally friendly natural materials, in particular wood, glass and textiles.

Today, it is not easy to make a choice among fashionable ethnic lamps, the offer includes various chandeliers, sconces, floor lamps, table lamps and bedside lamps. Their original design attracts attention. These can be torch-shaped sconces, chandeliers with original chains, in the form of a kind of candle holder. Lampshades with fabric shades and lampshades made of corrugated rice paper with characteristic ornaments, lamps stylized as oil lamps look spectacular.

The theatrical look is forged lamps that give the interior a special majesty and originality. Stylish lamps made of wood in combination with metal parts are becoming more and more popular.

Which lamps should you enter et your home?

Chandeliers and lamps in the ethno style of various types and uses, colors and finishes, shapes and sizes, models and designs. Suspended chandeliers are recommended to be installed in rooms with high ceilings. Chandelier models are very different, raw laconic and fancy forms, with lampshade made of ordinary glass, with crystal pendants, with imitation of candles or lamps. They are available as options for chandeliers with LED light sources. They are installed in modern apartments and houses, offices, cafes, bars, restaurants and hotels. Chandeliers are particularly popular in flats and houses, in rooms with various functional functions: living rooms and bedrooms, kitchens and dining rooms, children's rooms and offices, corridors and bathrooms.

Popular wall sconces, whose fashionable ceiling lights are predominantly made of frosted glass, may have a national ornament finish. They emit soft scattered light and are able to emphasize the individuality and sophistication of the interior to create a sense of comfort.

Table lamps in the ethno style look original, their lampshades are made of beautiful fabrics or corrugated paper, decorated with embroidery in the form of national floral ornamentation. A good look in the living room is presented by floor lamps made of wood, in harmony with the color of the furniture. Stylish floor lamps made of beautiful fabrics, decorated with fringes, embroidery or beads.