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Outdoor plafonds

Outdoor plafonds

External plafonds are most often used to illuminate the entrance door to houses, gardens, offices and shops. This type of lighting perfectly replaces hanging lamps, taking up little space and giving a perfect dispersion of light and highlighting the values surrounding the house of the landscape.

External plafonds

Modern garden lighting in the form of external plafonds changes the zone of the place or becomes an original decorative element outside. Such luminaires are resistant to the negative impact of the environment, they are distinguished by their reliability and durability. Outdoor LED ceilings provide excellent protection against wind and dust. They are not afraid of temperature changes, they are securely attached to the base, which allows them to deal with strong gusts of wind. Each of them is marked with IP indexes, ie the degree of protection against moisture and dust.

Plafonds have a wall or ceiling fixing, so they can be used not only at the entrance door, but also on the facades of houses. The product must not only be responsible for lighting the space, but also attract attention with its unusual shape, beauty and elegance, thanks to which it has a decorative function. The home areas are perfectly illuminated thanks to the possibility of vertical or horizontal assembly.

Safe and original garden plafonds

Houses arranged in any style can be lit by garden ceiling tiles available in an interesting design adapting to any aesthetics. The original design and meeting the required security criteria makes LED external ceiling lights the most sought after devices for illuminating outdoor home areas.

A garden ceiling in a gray shade made of aluminum and transparent tempered glass is the most common choice of people who are looking for lighting fixtures with a simple yet interesting shape. The robust design ensures its use in all environmental conditions, LED bulbs that convert electricity to light and not to heat, giving a more aesthetic source of light and energy efficiency.

Outdoor wall and ceiling LED ceiling lamps

By purchasing LED external ceiling lights made of modern materials, a reliable product is obtained, which is also very economical. Due to the lack of exposure to UV rays, the product will retain its original appearance for many years, without changing the color and degree of transparency. LED lighting is the most energy-efficient source of lighting, it is much more resistant to shocks and impacts from traditional incandescent bulbs. In addition, it has no mercury or other harmful substances.

Plafonds are small devices that perfectly blend in with other outdoor equipment. Innovative solutions used for the production of plafonds give the opportunity to use them wherever wall or ceiling lighting is needed. Metal, plastic, glass are materials used by designers of such garden lighting.

The simple construction of the ceiling LED external ceiling allows to obtain a coherent whole with the whole illuminated area. The cuboid in the color of dark gray and white gives a subtle source of light that will be used at home, terrace, garage, etc.

A typical design of a wall or ceiling ceiling fixture in white color made of polycarbonate has no unnecessary details, creating users the ability to install it in most architectural styles. The circular shape of the ceiling makes it possible to use the device in public utility buildings and home areas.

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Outdoor plafonds