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Fontana Arte Lights Fontana Arte Lights

The Italian lighting factory Fontana Arte was founded in 1932 by the architect Joe Ponti together with Luigi Fontana. Functionality and beauty are the company's main slogans. Fontana Arte range includes a full range of modern lighting: decorative lamps: hanging lamps, ceiling lamps, sconces, floor, table, recessed. The factory also produces technical lighting, which is used in interiors and public places: spotlights, street lighting, façade lighting. The designs of Fontana Arte lamps are modern, often with the use of geometric shapes and modern materials: glass fiber, fabric, plastic, foam, etc.

Table lamps Fontana Arte

By working on the creation of various lighting devices, manufacturers achieve their goals to create specific lighting. The most popular and most sought-after devices include Fontana Arte table lamps, which delight the eye not only with a high, quality beam of light, but also with original modern design.

Such devices provide a comfortable working environment at the desk. The directional light allows you to write, read or draw without straining your eyes. The sources of artificial lighting are used not only to work at the desk, they decorate the surrounding space and complement the interior, being an integral part of the room's interior. Fontana Arte table lamps are made of the latest materials and meet all requirements, quality of lighting, play the role of an efficient light source, providing comfortable working conditions. They are necessary for pupils and students, people who spend most of their time at the desk, doing mental work.

Different models made in different styles, successfully fit into the interior of any room. Decorative table lamp Fontana Arte should match the ceiling chandelier and wall sconces, attracting the attention of the original design, complementing the lighting and giving the opportunity to use brighter lighting in a separate part of the space.

Fontana Arte desk lamp

Natural lighting favors eyes. It is convenient to work and read interesting books, draw or embroider, but daylight is not always enough and you need to use artificial lighting, which will be the source of a Fontana Arte desk lamp.

Fontana Arte desk lamp is not only a lamp, but a real work of art that can decorate any interior. With this lamp you can create a cozy and well-lit area to relax or study. Unusual design and elegant shape give the lamp a special charm and sophistication. The main shade used in the colors is chrome. Only high quality materials such as metal were used in production. Such a Fontana Arte desk lamp will be a great addition to the interior of a bedroom or office, it fits gracefully into the composition and illuminates the dark evenings with its light. The power of this product is 40 W, which allows for high-quality lighting of the room.

Hanging Fontana Arte lamps

Hanging lamp Fontana Arte made in the shape of a ring is a white glass ceiling luminaire with mother of pearl. Inside the ceiling mount has white plastic lampshades. The Fontana Arte aluminum lamp is attached to the base of the ceiling on steel hangers, with height adjustment. Designer Marco Acerbis made the lighting ideal for the kitchen and dining room.

Another modern model is the Fontana Arte pendant lamp made in the form of a sphere made of blown glass. The finish color is shiny gold. Anodized aluminum reflector. The lamp is mounted on a transparent cable with adjustable height, which makes it very functional and eagerly used in the dining room, kitchen and hallway.

Whereas the hanging Fontana Arte lamp in the shape of a metal ring with a black finish is mounted on steel pendants. It has 14 glass diffusers and adjustable height. This innovative lamp will beautifully decorate the living room and dining room while ensuring adequate lighting.

Wall lights Fontana Arte

One of the wall lamp models Fontana Arte resembles the shape of a cosmic body with its design. The shade is made by hand from white frosted glass. The base is made of metal with white finishes. Designer Julian Pastorino, Cecilia Suarez created an amazing work that will find its application in the living room, bedroom, youth room.

Another example of lighting arrangement is a glass wall lamp made in the form of a sculpture of a developing ribbon of aluminum, painted white. The model was created in honor of the famous fashion designer Yves-Saint Laurent according to the design of Gabi Peretto.

Wall-mounted Fontana Arte with a double shade, made of matt white blown glass. The hemisphere is lined with shiny chrome metal. Designer Piero Russi has created a wall lamp that will be chosen for lighting and decor of the living room, bedroom, hall and kitchen

Fontana Arte wall lamp in the shape of a square. The upper part of the luminaire is made of a metal plate with a mirror finish and the inner cover is made of white matt glass. Wall lamp creates a diffused, delicate glow and perfectly flashes in all interiors of the house.

Whereas the Fontana Arte wall lamp in the form of a ball is made of blown glass. Finish color is shiny silver, chrome metal connectors. The shape of the lamp with a double glowing glow: top and bottom gives this model a modern glow and enjoys great interest among customers.

Fontana Arte Lights Fontana Arte Lights