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Gallery Lights

Factory Gallery was founded in 1990 on the island of Murano. Currently, the Gallery factory is part of the Firme di Vetro concern, as a company based on which modernist models are created. The factory is the embodiment of the best traditions of style, skills and individuality of Italian masters.

Carefully refined fittings lines, fine Murano glass processing for each Gallery chandelier and the smallest design of each element give rise to the unique style of this Italian factory. Factory lamp collections are characterized by classic, improved lines, combined with a modern vision, freedom of form, and the use of properties of both new and old materials create excellent classic lamps that meet the requirements of time.

Today, the variety of lighting fixtures is so large that you can use them to implement the most amazing projects. Chandeliers, sconces allow to fill the living space with a gentle light that provides comfort and peace. Exclusive wall and wall lamps bring harmony and style to the working environment in offices, cafes and stores. Glass chandeliers create an atmosphere of luxury at home, in the lobby or in the restaurant.

Gallery hanging lamps

Hanging lamp Gallery perfectly represents the style of work of Italian lighting designers. The extraordinary coloring of the luminaire glittering with gold, attracting the eye with an interesting longitudinal shape. This extraordinary lamp can become a practical lighting for the dining room, bedroom, kitchen, youth room and hallway. The glass frame of the hanging Gallery lamp subtly shows the colors of amber giving a nice lighting for the eye in a modernist style. The propagating light has a good effect on the human psyche, allows you to calm down and relax after a hard day of work and learning.

Gallery chandelier

The red gallery chandelier made of blown glass, with chrome fittings and glass, sophisticated bent arms, reflects the features of modernist and glamor styles. The crystal pendants placed under the chandelier are an interesting visionary accent of the designer. A luxurious chandelier is not only a practical lighting for a small living room and dining room, it is a unique decoration that gives the interior the spirit of modernity and refinement. The designer took care of each detail, applied three light sources that beautifully emphasize the interior design style and harmonize with the other decorative elements.

Gallery wall lights

Wall lamp Gallery has a chic decor that gives splendor to the whole frame. Such an intricate accent in the living room or bedroom discreetly spreads light and perfectly decorates the wall. Wall lamp similar in style to classicism successfully combines with elements of Scandinavian and Provencal style decoration. The white - transparent coloring of the fixture made of glass hanging from the metal black bracket emphasizes the artistic sense of the designer who, using a universal design, created sublime wall lighting.

Wall lamp Gallery transparent glass with an interesting ornament around the edges beautifully shines when you join the network. Metal fixing is almost invisible, emphasizing the delicacy of the sconce and the unusual charm it brings to the interior of the living room, the bedroom of the hall. It can be said that it is a wall lamp with a soul that conveys the designer's idea, which certainly was characterized by sensitivity to beauty. A golden or black accent at the bottom of the lamp gives it an unusual character and elegance.