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Glashutte Limburg Lights

Glashutte Limburg is a world-famous German manufacturer of glass lighting products. The company's assortment constitute the highest quality lamps in a concise style. The producer is part of an industrial group that includes such popular names in the lighting market as Bega and Boom. Glashutte Limburg is aware of the importance of maintaining competitiveness in the fast-growing lighting market, which is why it sets the highest standards, the quality of its products and focuses solely on the development of concepts, design and design.

Aluminum, stainless steel and copper are considered the most popular metals for binding and they add functionality to the creation of the company. But of course, the main material that inspires designers for new collections is glass, which distinguishes such features as: hardness, durability, ability to change color and environmental friendliness.

Glashütte Limburg specializes in the production of hanging lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps and chandeliers. Lighting devices of this brand can be seen in many public places: hotels, museums, institutes, recreational zones. They will also be a perfect complement to any modern interior of the home thanks to the impeccable appearance, conciseness of style and reliability.

Wall lights Glashutte Limburg

Wall light Glashutte Limburg presents itself through its narrow, curved and semicircular very discreet shape that is unobtrusive. This wall lamp can be used in almost all living areas and can be combined with different styles of equipment. The diffuser is made of real crystal glass and has white matt inner sides. Warm white light is emitted to the front and in a large radius up and down, so that the light acts as indirect lighting, does not dazzle and creates a pleasant atmosphere. The lamp is an energy-saving compact fluorescent lamp.

Wall lamp Glashutte Limburg convinces not only with its simple design, but also with first-class processing of high-quality materials. The housing of the fixture is aluminum chromed. The cylindrical lampshade from the lamp shining up is made of blown milk glass and spreads the scattered light, which is particularly pleasant and cozy. The degree of protection is IP44, which means that the sconce is resistant to moisture and can be installed in the bathroom.

Wall lamp Glashutte Limburg made of high quality metal, which is optionally available in white or aluminum. Solid, semi-gloss blown glass is a lampshade. Due to the high quality of processing of components, the wall lamp ensures long-lasting and trouble-free use.

Sconce Glashutte Limburg high light power is the ideal lighting solution for staircases, and corridors. It is particularly stylish between doors or rows of windows. The luminaire is made of white-painted metal. The rod-shaped structure is aesthetically masked by means of hand-blown milk glass. Even the scattered light is reflected by a compact fluorescent lamp. Depending on the selected color of the light bulb you can get different moods.

Glashutte Limburg lamps - ceiling

Ceiling lamp Glashutte Limburg is equipped with soothing light thanks to the high, quality glass. The device has two halogen bulbs that provide a pleasant, warm, white light. Ceiling lamp is characterized by a simple construction and high, quality material. A thin opalescent layer enclosed in two layers of crystal glass can distribute light gently, softly and evenly in the room. These bindings are often used in the corridor, create a pleasant atmosphere and attract the eye thanks to a clear, aesthetic design.

Glashutte Limburg lamps - hanging

Hanging lamp Glashutte Limburg is a perfect lighting table and dining room. Installed in the kitchen, it immerses the table in the cozy lighting of the zone, and also ensures harmonious lighting of the room. Even in the living room, above the coffee table, the lighting benefits of a hanging lamp are starting to work effectively. This lamp also pampers the eye with its restrained elegance. Semi-permeable shades, are maintained in a classic white color, pendants, create a harmonious overall picture.

Glashutte Limburg Lights