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Indoor Lights

Indoor Lights

What is indoor lightning?

Indoor lighting is a key and inseparable aspect of the decor, both at home, and in office and in other usable areas. Indoor lightning finds its practical application in interiors such as: kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, office spaces and public spaces. Thanks to the indoor lights one can perform confidently and safely in the day time and after dark. Indoor lights can contribute to the appearance of a space and give the rooms a unique character.

When deciding what light fixtures to buy, we should pay attention to many aspects in order to maintain the right amount of light in the interior. The high quality of interior lamps can go hand in hand with a low price. In our store you can find light fixtures from low to high prices and choose a light fixture adequate to your needs. Our store offers a wide range of products, thanks to which you can easily choose lighting for classically decorated interiors, as well as for those in modern and elegant style.

Types of indoor lighting

We can differentiate between general, task and accent lights. Each type has its own function and serves other purposes. To provide the right amount of light in an interior we should provide both general and task lightning. Accents lights serve to create a desired atmosphere of a room. Well-chosen lighting is not only an indispensable element of any room, but also an add-on, thanks to which we will give our interiors a unique character. Therefore, decorative lamps will be a good solution. In this way, household members can express their personality and create optimal conditions for everyday activities. Especially fairy lights add to the house's cosiness. In our online shop lunares.eu every customer can search lighting fittings by types of rooms and find the most suitable ones for interior's lightning project.

Different types of light fixtures

Indoor lights consists of hanging and standing lamps, as well as sconces and chandeliers. Both hanging and floor lamps will enliven any room. Indoor lights should be arranged so that the light spreads evenly throughout the room. It is worth paying special attention to the lamps in the dining room and living room. These places are the heart of the house, and proper lighting over the table or sofa will make dining together or watching TV more pleasant. In addition to hanging lamps in homes, there should also be floor lamps that can be placed on cabinets, desks or on the floor. Products with a movable arm are recommended to adjust the height of the light. An equally important role have bedside lamps or wall lamps. They enable evening book reading, and also create an intimate atmosphere.

Lighting styles - old and new trends

In our store we offer indoor lights in many styles - both classical as well as modern. You can search our categories for lighting in the English style, beloved Industrial style, glittering Glamour style and many more. We provide our customers with trendy, up-to-date indoor lighting, as well as with forever young, classical light fixtures.

Indoor light fittings occur in many shapes and colours. Many are ascetic in shape and form, the others are abundant and extravagant. Lights' designs presented in our shop are inspired by style features, nature, cultures or particular events, for instance champagne drinking. You can pick and choose until you find the best product for you.

The indoor lights we offer at lunares.eu is of high quality and functionality. Regardless of the style in which the apartment is decorated, you can choose lights for each room.

Lighting Knowledge Centre - Blog

Lighting as an element complementing the interior design Fabian

Lighting is often an element complementing the interior design. It is important to think about your lighting and plan it carefully. Where are you going to put your basic lighting? Where do you want to read tonight? Where should the ambient lighting be placed? In addition to meeting practical needs, lighting helps to express the desired style of the interior.

The Color of the Year 2020 by Dulux - Mint Gray - the perfect basis for experiments with lighting! Peppermint green as a background

Just like lighting in rooms, also colors have a great impact on our well-being - they can boost energy, soothe, arouse nostalgia. Mint Gray is a fresh and calming color that will put you in a good mood and calm your senses, and it’s universal enough to become a unique background for any lamp!

Design Your Lighting with Lunares Design lighting with Lunares

In order to meet the expectations of our clients, we offer a service consisting in the selection of lighting fittings in accordance with the client’s expectations. Contact us, describe your needs as broadly as possible, and we will select the lighting and prepare an offer with a special discount.

Indoor Lights