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Induction Heaters

Induction Heaters

Ecological and economical aspects of clean energy

Have you ever wondered how you can reduce carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere and thus save your money? Heating devices whose operation is neutral for the environment do not emit waste or exhaust. The central heating boiler operates on the principle of electromagnetic induction. It is based on the creation of an electromagnetic field in the boiler coil due to a change in the magnetic flux. Thanks to these processes, eddy currents are created, which ensure effective operation of the induction furnace. Product purchase is an investment for years. The central heating boiler is an efficient and very convenient device, and additionally cheap in operation. It does not have electric heaters, which in the course of time are subject to wear and thus make the water in the entire central heating system undergo stone limescale. Due to its construction, the furnace completely eliminates this problem, which allows for long trouble-free operation and avoiding expensive service repairs.


Induction furnaces are perfect for heating flats and houses. Our customers choose this solution to power the air curtain or floor heating with energy from the boiler. The use of this technology is not limited to heating buildings. We recommend furnaces for heating utility water in a boiler and swimming pools. These application proposals are just an example of the possibilities of induction boilers, which are really many.


  • safe to use
  • ecological
  • generates big financial savings
  • maintenance-free
  • easy to install
  • compatible with any heating system
  • comfortable to use


The induction boiler can be connected to an existing CO / CWU installation. Thanks to its construction, it cooperates with elements of heating systems such as; furnace, solid fuel boiler, heat pump, photovoltaic furnace, etc. The furnaces are successfully used in installations made of copper, steel and plastic pipes.

Induction boiler for heating small rooms - single

In our store there are various boilers available, whose technical parameters allow for heating various surfaces, from smaller ones, eg offices, studios, utility rooms. Induction boilers up to 4.5 kW will be useful in heating smaller rooms with an area from 40 m2 to 90 m2. Their advantage is a lower price compared to other induction furnaces.

Induction boiler for heating medium-sized rooms - double

An induction boiler with a power range of 4.5 kW to 6.0 kW is ideal for heating larger apartments or smaller single-family houses.

Induction boiler for heating large surfaces - triple

The induction furnace with 400V power supply and power in the range of 4.5 kW - 14.0 kW will become an appropriate choice of heating equipment for both single-family and multi-family houses, halls, production plants, etc.

Choosing an induction boiler is an investment that will pay off for around 30 years. These products can be combined with each other in a segment, which will allow to increase the heated area. We recommend choosing this ecological and safe solution. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer of boilers and installation accessories at attractive prices!