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Ingo Maurer Lights Ingo Maurer Lights

Cheerful butterfly company, a lamp on transparent wings floating in space, are wonderful lamps and chandeliers created by the great artist Ingo Mourer. The master's ideas embodied in modern projects fascinate and leave no one indifferent. They can be safely assigned to a sculpture made of light. The works are flawless, harmonious and perfect, so that there is absolute certainty that the master is able to turn any of his dreams into light. The works of this brand are decorated with numerous interiors. These creations and installations illuminate the metro stations, hotel interiors, the list of objects decorated with his works is infinite.

Hanging lamps Ingo Maurer

Hanging Ingo Maurer lamp is a butterfly shaped illumination consisting of a glass bulb, a plastic ring and hand-made butterflies. Provides direct room lighting. With the hanging lamp designer Johnny B. Butterfly, created a device with meticulous craftsmanship, so that the elements of the hanging lamp look deceptively real and, in their relative position, give the impression of literally a swarm of insects around the lamp. The characteristic pendant lamp Ingo Maurer also convinces in terms of lighting technology, because it transmits a comprehensive, harmonious light in the room thanks to the luminous ring. The contours of three insects create a great reflection on the wall.

Hanging lamp Ingo Maurer is unusual and very individual lighting. The bulb is subtly covered with a satin glass cylinder. Because ceiling light creates very good light in the room, it's best to use it above the table. The set contains 80 sheets of printed Japanese paper. A special feature of these pages are two pages with graphics from Bruno Munari printed in 1960.

Wall lamps Ingo Maurer

Wall lamp Ingo Maurer is an elliptical wall light and gives not only light, but also a shade, as the artwork creates compositions from the ellipse and the circle when the light is on. The lamp consists of two aluminum disks. The larger one is attached to the wall, and the smaller one with LED diodes is attached to it by means of magnets. The light falls on a large disk, and then it is gently released into the room without dazzling. The wall lamp was designed in 2017 by Ingo Maurer , who was inspired by the lunar eclipse, causing the setting to play with light and shadow. As with many of his projects, Ingo Maurer leaves the user room for personal ideas and a creative dialogue of all items and furniture in one room.

Ingo Maurer table lamp for USB battery

A special feature of the USB table lamp Ingo Maurer and Moritz Waldemeyer is the preservation of the romantic atmosphere of the candle, despite the fact that they use state-of-the-art technologies. A table lamp made of metal and plastic consists of a thin black rod, at the top of which the flame appears to burn. This effect is produced by a board with 128 small, cleverly programmed LEDs that not only emulate the flickering of the candles, but also the brightness of the candle. Thanks to this, two displays give a surprisingly realistic glow of the candle. The lamp provides a fascinating light at home at dinner giving a pleasant atmosphere.

Ingo Maurer bulbs

  • Standard halogen lamp Ingo Maurer A60 35W 24V E27 mat. Incandescent bulb for Ingo Maurer Lucellino has a red cable, which is suitable for a table version of 44 cm, and for the wall version is 27 cm in length. The average lifetime of 2000 hours. Energy efficiency class C.
  • Ingo Maurer A60 10W 24V E27 halogen lamp matte. Replacement incandescent lamps for Ingo Maurer lighting are low-voltage halogen lamps. Average durability 5000 hours. Energy efficiency class C.
  • Halogen bulb Ingo Maurer G120 42W 230V E27 partially matte, equivalent to a conventional 60W lamp. This large format halogen bulb with a decorative, partly matt surface has been specially designed for the Ingo Maurer Savoie pendant lamp.