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Writing on the wall

Inscriptions on the wall - a simple way to decorate beautifully

Decorative stickers are an ideal way for an interesting interior design, for people who want to achieve a beautiful effect quickly and easily. You do not need outstanding artistic talent, thanks to them, in a unique way, to decorate the space around you - all you need is imagination and creativity. If you also want your home to speak to you, you should choose to write on the wall. It is nice to see, during everyday activities, a funny text or a wise sentence that will positively affect our thoughts. Quotes can also be information for our guests, thanks to which they will learn what is really important for us and for our family. The subject matter of the subtitles is very varied, from motivational texts and golden thoughts to playful slogans that evoke a smile on the faces of the household members and surprising friends.

How to put decorative inscriptions on the wall?

The common advantage of wall stickers is that they are easy to assemble. Using the attached instructions, you can easily fix the decorations on the selected surface without any problems. Remember to stick the decoration on a smooth space, without any dirt. With large stickers, ask the other person for help to be sure that the pattern will be placed evenly. Keeping the sticker clean is not a problem, due to the fact that they are made of waterproof film, which only need to be wiped with a damp cloth. That is why these decorations can be used even in such rooms as the kitchen, where it is not difficult to get dirty. No problem, you can also remove the sticker from the wall when you get tired of the theme or want to replace it with others. At the same time, there is no risk that after removing the decorations will leave any traces on the wall that are difficult to remove. A great way is to heat the sticker using a hair dryer. After this treatment, the decoration will easily go away from the surface to which it was glued.

What are decorative stickers and where can they be placed?

Wall stickers consist of three layers: paper, self-adhesive PVC foil and transport foil, which is transparent, thanks to which you can precisely place the pattern in the chosen place. The surface of the sticker is very thin, so after gluing it looks like a repainted template, it is only from a very close distance that you can see that it is an added element. The decoration can be placed on walls painted with paint or covered with wallpaper (unless its surface has a convex pattern that could be visible on the decoration). It also works perfectly on ceramic tiles. Many people decorate furniture and household appliances with stickers to match their character with the surrounding interior design.

Something nice for everyone, i.e. a selection of stickers on the wall

Thanks to various designs, we can conjure up anything we dream of on the wall. The subject matter and aesthetics of stickers is adapted to various interiors, both classic and modern or children's. They can also be freely combined with other elements of the decor so that everything fits perfectly and reflects the character and style of the residents of the house. Stickers can be a uniform pattern, or contain several elements, which can be arranged according to your own ideas in the planned space. In addition to stickers with subtitles, you can also choose animal themes, depicting everyday items, such as clocks or characters from your favorite movies, books, animations and many more. Therefore, there is nothing left to create and make our home fully reflect who we are.