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Due to the climate zone in which Poland is located, garden heating is becoming increasingly popular. We no longer have to give up barbecues with friends on cooler evenings or read books on the terrace on autumn or even winter days. To ensure the right temperature in the garden, we can use gas or electric heat radiators. You can use both mobile and stationary heaters. Heated umbrellas and outdoor fireplaces are other solutions.

Heating with radiant heaters.

Electric heaters are great for the terrace and balcony. These are small devices that can be easily mounted on special brackets on the wall or ceiling. They emit mild and pleasant heat, one heater heats from about 2 to 5 m2. They can also be equipped with more or less intensive heating functions.

Heating lamps for gardens.

A good solution for gardens or large terraces will be radiators and gas heaters, which can be placed anywhere in the garden. They are often used in gardens around restaurants, but they are also becoming more and more popular on private properties. Supply is via gas from a cylinder hidden in the device housing. In this type of heaters we can regulate the temperature. In addition, stores offer a very wide selection in terms of device power, which is why you can heat spaces of various sizes.

Garden heating - umbrellas and garden fireplaces.

If the terrace has no roofing, you should think about a heating umbrella, they are equipped with electric heaters or infrared radiators. In addition to heating, umbrellas also provide lighting and protection against adverse weather conditions such as wind and rain. Manufacturers offer umbrellas of various sizes that will accommodate a table for 8 or even 20 people. Garden fireplaces will create a unique climate, we can usually regulate the size of the flame in them. You can choose the most classic wood-fired, gas or biofuel. The advantage of fireplaces is that they are usually small and we can easily move them, they are also a great decorative function in a restaurant or private garden.

No matter what heating we choose for our gardens and terraces, it will certainly fulfill its function. In addition, it will allow you to spend cool summer evenings or autumn and winter days with your loved ones or with a book and a cup of tea.