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Why choose LED bulbs?

LED bulbs are distinguished primarily by lower power consumption compared to their classic or even halogen counterparts. Comparison of LED headlights to other light sources is possible thanks to the number of lumens given on the bulb packaging, i.e. the size of the light beam produced by the bulb. For example, 100 watts correspond to approximately 1500 lumens.

Another argument in favor of LED bulbs is their lifespan. On average, we can count on 30,000 hours of work. For comparison, traditional bulbs offer about 1000 hours of work.

LED technology

The use of LED lighting allows us great flexibility and the ability to choose lamps according to our preferences. In addition to the multitude of types of luminaires, materials and color variants, we can decide on a very important parameter for the internal lighting, which is the color of light.

Standard LED bulbs reflect the color temperature of light around 3000 Kelvin, although it is possible to choose a different color. In the range of 2200 - 3000 K there is a warmth color, and in the range of 3300 - 5500 K, the color of cold. If we illuminate a room intended for work, such as a study room, it is better to opt for a colder color. In relaxation rooms, such as a salon, we choose a warmer color.

Interior lighting

When deciding on LED technology, it is worth carefully designing the lighting of our interior. Bearing in mind narrower cones of light than in classic light bulbs, we should apply directional light to places especially important to us, such as desks or tables. One reflector directed under the appropriate account will give us much better effects than a few frames arranged randomly.

In an average room, we need between 2 and 4 LED bulbs. If we want to illuminate the living room, it is worth adding light bulbs that will perform decorative functions. To maximize energy savings, it is good to decide to independently turn on and off groups of bulbs connected to each other, eg divide the switches into the main and auxiliary lighting.

Internal Led