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Kolorowe Kable Lights Kolorowe Kable Lights

Colorful Cables - a producer and distributor of lighting.

Colorful cables being a dynamically developing company that was founded in 2012. deals in the production and sale of lighting and wires in various colors. Their headquarters and stationary store are located in Gdynia.

Colorful Cables - Production and sale.

The company "Colorful Cables" has to offer original and colorful cabling. The company sells a wide range of lamps, including:

    wall lamps, hanging,
    loft lamps,
    In addition, decorative bulbs:
    in the shape of a ball,
    in the shape of a diamond.
as well as various lampshades and other lighting accessories.

Colorful cables - original ideas.

"Colorful Cables" give us the opportunity to design our own original lamp, which means we have a choice: the color of the luminaire, the length and color of the cabling and the selection of any braided cable. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to buy such a lamp that only imagines us.