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Kundalini Lights Kundalini Lights

The company that manufactures Kundalini lighting lamps was founded in 1996. Is an innovator in the field of technology, research and development in the field of new forms and design solutions. The young company is based on new, environmentally friendly materials, bold, atypical shapes and colors, and combines them with sophisticated technology. Kundalini lamps are light objects, eye-catching that harmoniously fit into any room. Their shapes and colors exert a positive influence on people. All products of the company are always in the spotlight because of the courage of the project and the most unusual forms.

Kundalini ceiling lights

Kundalini ceiling lamp made of white blown glass. The base is in black, copper or brass. The factory offers a lamp in two sizes: diameter 16 cm and 33 cm. The device designers are Alberto Saggia and Valerio Sommella . The lamp with its form resembles an apple with a tail and looks extremely innovative and interesting. The combination of many devices on the ceiling creates a unique atmosphere of the interior and creates a sense of warmth, purity and discreet elegance. The lampshade is made of milky glass. Fresh and interesting form refers to nature. This lamp has become a pride of many prestigious institutions, embassies, banks and offices.

Hanging lamp made of metal, shades are made of frosted glass. The factory offers a lamp in two colors: white and brass. LED lamp type 12 x 4.5W. The lamp looks extremely impressive, has twelve bent arms at the end, which are placed lighting fixtures perfectly distributing light in the room in different directions. The lamp is suitable for lighting the table in the dining room or in the living room and in the larger kitchen, you can successfully install it in the hallway.

Kundalini floor lamps

Kundalini floor lamp made of polyurethane with an internal steel core. The lampshade is made of matt plexiglass. The factory offers the following colors: white, black or orange. The Kundalini lamp catches the eye and fits into any room. It consists of a symmetrical, elegantly shaped Plexiglas tube. The lamp gives the light indirectly up and down directly. The upper hole transmits the general light in the room, for example the lower opening can serve as a reading light. The colorful diffuser adds an extra colorful touch to the room.

The Kundalini floor lamp is primarily like its handmade, harmoniously shaped fiberglass cover. The combination of 150W and three 60W bulbs ensures optimal accentuation of the extraordinary diffuser. The intensity of the light can be controlled by means of a dimmer.

Kundalini wall lamps

Functionality and aesthetics are combined by elegant Kundalini wall lamps. The brilliant design comes from designers Aquila Alberg , an international design and architectural company from Milan. The material of the luminaires consists of a laser cut metal, runs around a matt milky methacrylic diffuser and partially exposes it, thanks to which pleasantly diffused light is emitted into the room. Intermediate light is ideal for lighting living rooms and bedrooms, as well as corridors and entrance areas. The metal body is covered with a shiny technopolymer and is available in various colors. The light from the lamp is the perfect complement to the floor lamp with the same name. The Italian company Kundalini is known for the implementation of spectacular design ideas in combination with the latest technologies.

A new feature is the wall lamp with its smart contour. The diffuser mounted on two lacquered sheets is made of thermoformed opal-opal plexiglass. 40 W ring fluorescent bulb. Thanks to the fluorescent ring tube, it is economical in energy consumption and is best suited for longer periods of use.