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Lucis Lights Lucis Lights

The Czech lighting company Lucis began operations in 1999 in Brno. Its founders have set themselves the goal of creating original and practical binding in their home country, as well as continuing the tradition of Czech glass production. From the beginning of its activity, Lucis relied on young professionals in the field of design. The result was original lamps of unusual shapes, not only of glass, but also of acrylic, stainless steel and fabrics.

Lucis glass luminaires are made of three-layer glass, blown and processed by hand. Each glass lampshade is original hand-made by the master of blown glass, so Lucis will not find absolutely identical products, such as those that come from vending machines. At the top of the qualitative leap of new technologies and modern ideas, a generation of atypical creative lighting fixtures has appeared that differ from the old ones by a new level of functionality and a unique design that has been thought down to the smallest details.

Plafonds Lucis

Half-round and simple in the form of opal mat ceiling, dia. 300 mm. The lampshade is made by hand with extreme care from a high quality three-layer white opal glass complete with a powder-coated steel base. Warm color always brings peace and quiet to the room, so it is worth using this type of lighting.

The elegant Lucis ceiling for ceiling or wall mounting has a classic design. The round shape of the lama available in various dimensions has a wide range of applications. The Czech style combined with a hand-blown, glossy three-layer glass and a perfect transmission of light illuminates every interior and is also suitable for public places, where it provides the right atmosphere. It is available in white or chromed. Such ceiling lamp beautifully illuminate the corridors in offices, public places as well as in private homes decorating the hall.

Sconces Lucis

Wall lamp Lucis LED is a representative of Czech design. Such a wall lamp in combination with acrylic glass and excellent light transmission, illuminates any interior and is also suitable for public places, where it provides the right atmosphere. Wall lamp is available in three colors: white, black, red. Round shapes blend in with the wall decor becoming an interesting accent without dominating the other room furnishings. Wall lamp has a subtle modern form, can create unique lighting accents and get comfortable lighting at home. As you know, sconces are popular in the modern world, and such a model perfectly complements the interior, creating islands of local lighting.

Wall lamp Lucis in white and longitudinal shape beautifully presents itself on the wall scattering light up / down. The diffuser has a delicate construction made of three-layer acrylic glass, while the base is made of steel painted white. A minimalist wall lamp will not only illuminate, but also decorate the walls in offices, offices, hotels, restaurants and, of course, in private apartments. The walls look the most effective when the sconces are arranged symmetrically along its entire length to create a cozy interior that is associated with a good mood, allowing you to achieve a positive mood.

Lucis Lights Lucis Lights