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Nemo Lights Nemo Lights

Nemo lamps - a revolution among lamps

Nemo lamps are the last fashion cry among designer lamps. These minimalistic artworks of their enthusiasts are found in every latitude, proving that timelessness is always on time. There are floor, wall and hanging lamps to choose from. They can be placed both in the bedroom, as well as in the dining room or in the living room - in each place the noble splendor of wall lamps and Nemo lamps will brighten up the boredom, improving the mood of the family members. Nemo lamps bring to mind the works of art gathered in the museum of modern art - objects connecting generations, bonding with their beauty past and future, youth and experience.

Linescapes Horizontal lamp

Linescapes Horizontal, a true show of minimalist craftsmanship, is one of the most well-known models of Nemo lamps . Linespace Horizontal is characterized by an efficient and very versatile linear luminous flux, illuminating the surroundings not only by the luster of a light bulb, but also by the splendor of its magnificent design. The body made of extruded aluminum and the opal white polycarbonate diffuser is a recipe for success, developed by designers of world-class designers for NEMO. White or black finish with elements in gray bring to the room elegance, reserved so far only for exhibition rooms.

Table lamp PANAMA MINI

PANAMA MINI, another exclusive proposition from the series of NEMO lamps - this time from the studio Euga Design - enchants with its modest, yet clear and charming beauty. This is an excellent proposition for enthusiasts of futuristic style, but also lovers of treading hard on the ground will find something for themselves. Once you get the NEMO wall lamps, it comes naturally to the table. And there PANAMA MINI feels the best. Table lamp made of aluminum, with a polycarbonate diffuser and anti-reflection coating is available in white or black, perfectly complementing each interior design. The designers from the EUGA studio, as they admit, are fascinated by the search for new solutions. In the novelty, there are no top-down rules - they say, and then they add - but an infinite number of possibilities for charismatic ideas .

BORNE BÉTON GRANDE concrete lamp

This amazing and innovative design will look great in any garden. Created in 1952 for the critics of art from France and India, the timeless form of the NEMO lamp combines energy-saving LED lamps with the universalist expression contained in concrete. BORNE GRANDE CONCRETE are handmade, each one is unique and has its own unique character.