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Electric Garden Ball Lights

Architectural and landscaping projects are particularly important in electric garden balls. You can buy such external lamps for hanging, installation on a tripod, placing in the grass, in a flowerbed, among ornamental bushes and on trees.

Features garden electric balls

These lighting elements are aesthetic, technically reliable and have a wide functionality:

  • They create comfortable, glare-free and even lighting.
  • They allow to create additional spatial effects and shadows, allow for division of space into zones.
  • Balls can be purchased as one copy or the whole series.

The undeniable advantage of electric garden balls in all weather conditions is their high durability, energy saving, choice of different shades of colors and an infinite application width to create original lighting compositions and festive atmosphere anywhere, anytime.

What can you expect from electric garden balls?

As elements of illumination, luminaires in the form of electric garden balls are used as a very soft source, with a milky shade of light. In the case of hanging lamps in the evening you get the effect of daylight and the aesthetic appearance of the area in front of the house, a place of rest and as the lighting of the car park. Illuminated balls emphasize the features of the building.

There are original hanging, wall or standing lamps in the form of a garden lantern. In such a lamp, the balls of acrylic glass are placed in three baskets and have the ability to adjust the height, so you can choose to use this kind of lighting in your garden. There are also standing lamps with one ball in the basket.

Regardless of the form, electric garden balls will delight thanks to the decorative and lighting effect achieved. Also hanging lamp in the form of a ball with a basket is a great solution, balls available in white, transparent and smoked. Outdoor lighting of the building's façade will help change the appearance of your home, office or restaurant, shopping centers by combining the effect of shape and size.

Bullets are ideal for lighting gardens, terraces and balconies. Outdoor lamps in the form of electric garden balls are made in different diameters of the canopy made of durable material. They can be placed in groups or separately, emphasize façade details, highlight landscape elements or use as main light sources in a monochrome version.

What types of electric garden balls should I choose?

Before deciding on a specific outdoor lighting, it is worth knowing the available products and choose the most suitable in terms of size, power, color and number of garden electric balls. This type of lighting can be quickly installed in any location, because it is an excellent design solution. All light sources are safe: they work with 230 V mains, models have been developed to protect against the penetration of water to be placed outside.

In order to emphasize the light effect of a given area, a large garden ball (77 cm in diameter) that changes the color with the remote control can be used. The colors of the garden ball are: blue, green, pink, purple, orange, yellow and white.

For long-term use it is possible to use lamps with LED diodes and for a long time to enjoy an even, soft and effective luminous flux. But there are also lamps with traditional bulbs available on sale. The design and parameters of the electric part of the garden balls ensure complete safety and durability.

Installation of garden electric balls can take many forms depending on the user's needs. You can screw the lamp to the ground, the foundation buried in the ground, the tube. The ball is supplied with a cable (3m), an LED-saving electric bulb, a skewer made of stainless steel (provides fixing in the ground). The protection level of these lamps is high and ranges from IP43 to IP 65, resistance to ambient temperature from -50 ° C to + 70 ° C. The diameter of electric garden balls is 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60, 77 cm. Easily cleaned of dust, dirt and rain, washed with water and all cleaning agents for cleaning windows or kitchen surfaces

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Electric Garden Ball Lights