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Solar Garden Balls

Garden lighting is a very important element of arranging home space. It not only emphasizes the most beautiful places in our garden, but also provides better visibility at night and creates a unique atmosphere. More and more often, instead of the traditional light supplied with electricity, we decide on solar lamp variants. Their relatively low price and ecological considerations, in relation to the multitude of choices, cause that we choose them more often. Why is it worth to opt for solar garden balls?

How does this lamp work?

Solar lamps allow you to reduce the consumption of electricity by using solar energy, ie solar energy. This energy is collected by solar panels, which is then transformed into the electric supply of our lamp. Energy is accumulated in nickel-cadmium batteries and then used after sunset.

The most important converter in the whole process of converting solar energy into electricity is photovoltaic cells equipped with solar garden balls . This lamp is charged with sunlight during the day, and then gives off light after dark. Solar panels last up to 20 years, so deciding to buy a solar lamp, we can be calm about the vitality of our decoration.

The use of LED bulbs

Solar garden balls have been equipped with LED lamps with low power consumption. They are much more durable and need much lower energy resources than standard bulbs. They give a delicate and diffused light, the color of which can be changed at any time, and we have up to 7 different colors. The speed of subsequent colors and the intensity of light in the lamp are also variable.

Solar lamps are often equipped with two batteries with a capacity of about 1800mAh, which in the summer time provides lighting for the entire night.

Freedom in arrangement

Solar bulbs are fully mobile, which means that we can conveniently adjust them depending on our idea, but also with attention to the amount of sunlight. When choosing a place for our lamp, we should remember that it will work properly when it is charged with solar energy. Therefore, setting the lamp in a shaded place with a low amount of sunlight can effectively reduce the operating time. It is also worth setting solar garden balls at a distance of at least 1.5 meters from each other to avoid flickering of lights.

Although solar lamps give less light than standard electric lamps, they are ideal for delicate lighting of plants or architectural elements. If we care about the long life of the lamp, choose one that will be resistant to mechanical damage, humidity and temperature changes.

Solar lamps are equipped with a dowel hammered into the ground to ensure stability and mobility in the event of a desire to change the setting. There is no need to excavate among beautiful and manicured garden plants. If we care for a large source of light that will provide clarity in the garden, as well as ideally suited to the terrace or balcony, solar garden balls are made for this.

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