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Outdoor, garden wall lights

Outdoor, garden wall lights

Outdoor wall lamps provide local light that decoratively illuminates the walls of the house, the exterior of the garden. This type of lighting differs in installation, function and lighting level. There is a huge selection of shapes available, but the most popular models are round, oval and elongated.

Outdoor wall lamps - practical and designer lighting

Most of the luminaires are designer models with a complex decor and attractive appearance. They will be a bright decoration of every garden, every facade. Most often, garden sconces are made of metal, and individual parts are made with gold and silver patina. The body of outdoor wall lamps is made of metal or plastic, protected against moisture, and in some cases equipped with a grille to protect against damage. Wall sconces are usually installed at the entrance to the house.

Many people are used to the fact that high-quality lighting is required to create the necessary comfort at home. The outdoor wall lamp can be mounted directly on the walls of the building or on the fence. This type of lighting is not only attractive in terms of appearance, but also very functional.

Outdoor wall lamps are made of the highest quality materials, have a high degree of protection, eg IP55, which guarantees high resistance to dust, dust and water. They take very effective shapes, e.g. a dandelion ball placed in a basket, an oval ceiling lamp with a frosted glass pane. Wall lamps are often a combination of classic and modern and look great in the garden and in the driveway of the house.

Decorative garden sconces

Garden wall lights are designed to illuminate garden alleys, highlight lawns, paths, create an old park atmosphere and illuminate outdoor cafes and bars.

They are designed to ensure good lighting of the space in the dark. Wall lamps will cope well with it, they give the right light to brighten up the space. This type of lighting, as a rule, is made of aluminum, glass and plastic. Some of the garden wall lamps have LEDs that not only illuminate the garden and the surrounding area in the dark, but also decorate it.

A classic garden wall lamp on a pendant with a stained glass window looks beautiful, made of patina-colored aluminum for an E27 bulb, with an IP 47 degree of protection that confirms good tightness and resistance to various environmental factors. Another example of effective and practical outdoor lighting is a garden wall lamp with a built-in LED light source, which spreads from the bottom and above, providing effective lighting. The interesting oval housing has a modern design and can be used in a variety of architectural styles.

Wall lamps with a motion sensor

One of the latest achievements of LED technology are wall lamps with a motion sensor. Based on the criteria of ergonomics, comfort and energy saving, this type of lighting turned out to be the best and most economical solution.

Wall lamps with a motion sensor are used to decorate the area adjacent to the house and belong to the most functional category, i.e. lighting necessary for temporary lighting of the square, open space and terrace. Wall lamps are very convenient, they illuminate the necessary part of the area only when it is necessary, and not constantly. Most often, models with a motion sensor are now used LED lamps, which provide soft, almost daily freshness at any time of the day.

They allow you to significantly save on electricity, and the possibility of implementing any design decisions allows them to illuminate both advertising and architectural objects, and the recreation area of any territory. Some wall lamps with a motion sensor have a movable head, thanks to which it is possible to direct the light beam in any appropriate plane.

The main advantages of cheap outdoor wall lamps

The facade of a building may have specific architectural elements that characterize its style. Cheap outdoor wall lamps are not only economical, but also emphasize decorative details and effectively illuminate the area.

The available cheap outdoor wall lamps are distinguished by:

  • Possibility to illuminate the entrance, but at the same time not to direct massive lighting.
  • Ease of installation allows you to mount it on absolutely any wall.
  • By turning the sconces in one direction or another, you can create the necessary pressure on the facade.

Due to the type of light scattering wall lamps, there are the following types:

  • The part that diffuses the light is at the bottom and is covered at the top. This lamp model helps to create an effect in which an illuminated area is created under the wall lamp.
  • The combined versions combine all possible types and illuminate the area in all directions.
  • Completely closed housings are often made in matte shades and therefore have poor lighting.

Classic decorative and cheap outdoor wall lamp made of aluminum and cherry-colored plastic, has an interesting design for use in a rustic and retro arrangement. This type of lighting is just an example of a large range of lighting products that can be purchased at a reasonable price.

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Outdoor, garden wall lights