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Recessed Garden Lamps

Currently, lighting is treated as an integral part of gardens. Many greenfield projects start with the planning of power lines and the way the lamps are arranged.

Types of garden lamps

When it comes to garden lamps, we can choose from a wide range of shapes and mechanisms that have their specific applications in the garden. We can mention, among others:

  • lighting posts
  • lanterns
  • Lantern
  • overrun lamps
  • external sconces
  • column solar lamps
  • wall lamps

and many more.

Garden recessed lamps - applications

When we think about recessed garden lamps , first of all, we make paths and commute. Piles, or luminaires with a height of up to 1 meter with a light source directed downwards, are best suited for this purpose. Thanks to the use of this height, the posts will not blind us at the car entrance to the property.

Another type of garden lamps are lanterns. They are mainly used to illuminate large spaces, eg carefully maintained lawns. They are characterized by a height of 1 to 3 meters. They are often completed with a single-point decorative sphere.

It is important to remember to properly protect the garden lighting installation. It should be protected by differential-current plugs that protect against electric shock and over-current, protecting against short-circuits and overloads. The cables themselves should be dug at least to a meter underground.

Types of power supply in garden recessed lamps.

If we decide to use classic power supply from the home network, it is worth to use lamps with LED technology. Although the price of LED bulbs alone exceeds halogen or traditional bulbs, in the long run we will certainly feel the difference in profitability. LED spotlights can save up to 80% energy compared to ordinary lamps. If we have a large garden, we will need many sources of light in it, which generates more electricity. In this case, the more we should decide on LEDs.

If we want to become independent from the electricity grid, we can bet on solar lamps. Their main equipment are batteries and photovoltaic panels that allow the conversion of light energy into a power source. Regarding the time of light emission, we can take the range from 5 to 20 hours. The biggest advantage of solar lamps is the possibility of using them almost anywhere. They work well as lighting near water, for example swimming pools, because they do not contain electricity of high voltages.

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