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Floor standing LED luminaires

Floor standing LED luminaires

Floor lamps are divided into those for practical purposes, having a reading arm and decorative and creating a unique atmosphere of a light source.

LED floor lamps - technology

Lamps equipped with LED technology often have built-in dimmers that regulate the intensity of light. This allows you to adjust energy consumption depending on your needs. Many LED floodlights have IP protection, which allows them to be used outdoors.

LED bulbs are much more vital than the classic or even halogen ones. We can choose among different variants of the color of light so that they create the desired atmosphere for us.

The use of LED standing lamps in rooms

When it comes to decor, standing lamps, unlike table lamps, decorate rooms with slender shapes without the need to use elevations or tables. They perfectly complement all ceiling luminaires, especially in-ceiling luminaires.

If we care for an intimate, charming salon in which we will spend evenings reading books, we should bet on a good quality LED standing lamp with auxiliary lighting. An interesting solution is the use of reflectors near the mirror. This allows the optical enlargement of the interior.

In the raw rooms, with a lot of natural materials such as wood, it is good to use simple and large lamps in subdued colors. If we want to revive the interior, which is too gray and gloomy for us, one colored lamp in bright colors of red or yellow is enough.

Children's rooms and offices often suffer from insufficient lighting. A single panel or a ceiling lamp is sufficient for general lighting, but not for learning or working. A strong standing lamp placed close to the desk will solve our problem, and in addition can be an interesting decoration.

LED lighting in standing lamps

Today, it is possible to combine decorative values and practical use of lamps. LED spotlights can generate large amounts of light, and at the same time constitute an emphasizing character of the salon. An important aspect that many lamp users forget is the use of the right lampshade. Large, transparent lenses enlarge the room optically and give a bright, diffused light. Shades narrower and more built-up focus light rays and allow you to call the so-called effect. a pillar of light which, directed at the ceiling, increases the interior. Shades impermeable to light create an intimate, cozy atmosphere in the form of a sheaf of light occupying only a small space.

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