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Penta Light Penta Light

Penta Light is an Italian company that can find itself in the lighting design scenario both in Italy and abroad. Recognized by all as high, the quality of its products and the constant search for innovation and material combinations, it still offers new and innovative lamps. Leather, PVC, glass or metal give shape to the elements of these lighting devices.

Hanging lamps Penta Light

A modern reinterpretation of a classic chandelier. A flash of light reflecting on the chrome structure through a transparent glass diffuser gives a very pleasing to the eye effect. Hanging lamp Penta Light with large dimensions provides illumination of home and public space. The innovative design fits with the classic interior design, captivates with an interesting form that, despite simple solutions, allows you to achieve a decorative effect. A multitude of slightly arched arms ending with a transparent LED diode will provide excellent table lighting in the dining room or larger kitchen. Due to the extraordinary charm of this device, it can replace a traditional chandelier in the living room or bedroom.

One of the most important lamps of the latest Penta collection, it has a polished chrome metal structure has a sandblasted and external diffuser made of borosilicate glass with different finishes. The Penta Light lamp is an ingenious story with a classic shape. Despite the discreet construction, which will not be the main accent in the interior, it will pay attention to the finesse of the design and execution. A beautiful transparent gold or white glass ball visually reflecting the shape of a Christmas tree ball in the middle contains a cylindrical luminaire suspended on a long cord. This is an original project that will win the hearts of many users who appreciate the delicacy of the form and the original idea. The pendant lamp will look beautiful in a small living room, bedroom, dining room and youth room.

Penta Light desk lamp

White Penta Light desk lamp in metal with satin nickel finish, its structure is completely covered with leather. Pleasant and discreet lamp, but also valuable and captivating due to the unexpected use of the skin. The LED light source provides pleasant comfort. The modern and practical shape of the lamp perfectly illuminates the desk, so you can focus on reading, writing, drawing. Proper concentration of luminous flux does not strain the eyes and allows for long and effective work. The optimal angle of inclination of the lamp is suitable for users of all ages, moreover, its visual form is successful not only among adults, but also among young people.

Penta Light floor lamp

Penta Light floor lamp with black metal base and structure with polished finish or covered with leather. Floor lamp with 360 ° adjustment with double bottom and top emission in LED technology is remotely controlled by a remote control. Special and unusual use of leather in various colors to match the chair or sofa in the hallway. The lamp has an unusual form for the home device, its line is slim but flexibly bent with an efficient light source that will allow the user to focus on his activities. This device will work in the living room where you will be able to read a book in a comfortable lighting, in the dining room will perfectly disperse the light above the table.