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Provencal lamps

Provencal lamps

Provencal style - idyllic interior climate

Provencal style as the name suggests comes from the charming Provence - southern France. The stone cottages, the taste of good wine, the hectares of blossoming lavender and the aroma of thyme make us want to transfer it all to our interior to feel the atmosphere of this idyllic climate. The provencal style brings to our homes harmony and creates a warm atmosphere. Therefor, if you decide for this style in your home you should keep in mind to use shades of colours such as yellow,  white, beige and green. Don't forget to add some lavender accessorise to your interior.

In provencal interiors lighting plays a great role despite the fact that in these regions there is a lot of sunshine. In these interiors its best to choose ceiling lights, crystal chandeliers or metal chandeliers in an old french style. Also a must have are wall lights. The light should be warm and moody. In our shop you can find a whole range of warm lights to install in your provencal room.

Provencal Lights - Reviews about products

Classic English PIKSEL Standing Lamp
October 16, 2018
Excellent standing lamp, makes an unusual atmosphere, i recommend this store

Modern Provencal Dark Ceiling SENSO
October 04, 2018
I rate 6/6. kazek77

Provencal Pendant Lamp CLARIS Chandelier
October 02, 2018
Nice service and nice contact with the seller, ewelina7

Hanging lamp Wawa S Black Silver Locked black E27 1 x
April 04, 2018
I respect this store and i will use their services more than once, i greet mr. maciej the owner with whom i talked about lamps.

Hanging lamp Wawa S Black Silver Locked black E27 1 x
April 04, 2018
A beautiful lamp, very nice atmosphere in the living room.

Provencal lamps