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Rustic lamps

Rustic lamps

The pursuit of having only necessary things to live around us has caused people to miss the cozy interiors, where they could find the warmth of home and comfort. Rustic style refers mainly to 19th century houses. The most common equivalent of the word rustic is simply ... rural. Interiors in this style are clean, straightforward and modest. In a rustic style interior we feel just fine. It reminds us of our lists to our grandma's house in the country.

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Rustic lighting and a rustic style

Read about the trend of interior design the most fashionable this year, or see what we have prepared for you in the category of rustic lamps.

Rustic style - recently very fashionable. Many architects introduce it to their projects. Plenty of people drawing Inspirations from the Internet, rearranges or finishes your interiors in a rustic style. Characteristics of this style is complex. In addition, the influence of many designer trends has caused the definition of rustic style to change  and changes over the years.

What caused that this seemingly modest architectural trend won the hearts of so many people and won over a lot of supporters? Wondering what is a rustic style? Let’s start from the beginning.

Rustic lamps