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Rustic lamps

Rustic lamps

Rustic style

it is more of a lifestyle than decorating things. It shows all the simplicity of everyday life, honors tradition, roughness, handicrafts and furniture of all kinds. This style is so dear to people because it is absolutely unpretentious and modest.

Why it works: Comfortable, homey and very personal, this style is definitely for real life. Warm colors, soft fabrics, a reclining armchair inviting you to sit down and stretch your legs. In fact, this interior design is able to express personality much more clearly than any other style. It proclaims eternal values, which means it will always be modern. Rustic lighting is a general concept, because this style is closely related to other directions, such as Scandinavian and Provencal.

Rustic lamps for the living room

Light is a functional and decorative tool in interior design. Successfully selected model, type and style of the lamp, and most importantly, its correct location helps to achieve various effects: visually increase the space, hide wall defects, create an intimate atmosphere in the room, emphasize interior details and much more.

Rustic lighting in the living room can play a large decorative role, and it is worth focusing on chandeliers that will become a bright accent of this style. A perfect example is a hanging rustic lamp made of plywood, it is worth knowing that the interiors decorated in this style use mainly natural materials. Most often, the walls of the room are made of wood or covered with paneling, such a lamp will perfectly blend in with the arrangement of the living room. A lamp with one light source will work in a small living room, thanks to the possibility of adjusting the height of the light point. This function will work perfectly in a dining room and a large kitchen.

Additional lighting is necessary in the living room, which can be provided by rustic wall lamps. Wooden wall lamps with a delicate opal bulb cover will be a perfect complement to the pendant lamp and together they will ensure the correct lighting of the living room. The combination of wood, metal and glass works in any style, but the rustic direction is particularly fond of this combination. Convenience, the pursuit of everything natural make this style so close to people who want to show closeness to nature, the practicality of a simple design and the desire for comfort.

The country-style house has traditionally high ceilings, so large chandeliers will be appropriate. Lamps in the form of candles bring harmony to the interior, as long as the light is warm and soft. This lamp will perfectly match the fireplace. A rustic hanging lamp with 5 light sources with lamps imitating a delicate flame is a unique reflection of this style. In addition to the living room, such a chandelier can be installed in the bedroom. Wall lamps in the same arrangement will be a perfect combination of a natural rustic style.

Rustic lighting for the dining room and bedroom

The dining room and the kitchen require lighting above the table or workspace, so when considering the purchase of lighting, it is worth paying attention to the rustic ceiling lamp hanging with one light source. The unique design of the lamp with an elliptical shape in the color of natural birch is characterized by an approach to nature and functionality.

Such an element of decor will complement the unique atmosphere of coziness and warmth in a rustic dining room or bedroom. The aesthetic effect and reference to the selected stylistic arrangement will attract the attention and interest of household members and guests. In a similar design, you can choose a beige rustic table lamp, which is characterized by simplicity and harmoniously harmonizes with the ceiling lighting and the interior of the bedroom. The wood surrounding the milky-white lampshade represents the main features of the ecological trend, such a lamp on a desk or on a bedside table will confirm a good choice of lighting.

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Rustic lighting and a rustic style

Read about the trend of interior design the most fashionable this year, or see what we have prepared for you in the category of rustic lamps.

Rustic style - recently very fashionable. Many architects introduce it to their projects. Plenty of people drawing Inspirations from the Internet, rearranges or finishes your interiors in a rustic style. Characteristics of this style is complex. In addition, the influence of many designer trends has caused the definition of rustic style to change  and changes over the years.

What caused that this seemingly modest architectural trend won the hearts of so many people and won over a lot of supporters? Wondering what is a rustic style? Let’s start from the beginning.

Rustic lamps