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Siteco lamps

As for the types of lamps, Siteco offers many variants for both outdoor and indoor lighting. We can find here plafonds, raster fittings, LED panels, suspended luminaires, hexagonal lamps, spotlights, lighting posts and many others.

The LED technology used in the Siteco lamps guarantees high energy efficiency and efficiency while maintaining natural light colors and the ability to choose the color temperature to suit your preferences. The working time of LED lamps can be set at around 25,000 to 50,000 hours. Their durability is not dependent on the number of starts or work cycles. Problems with durability can only be caused by a power supply with too much power.

In comparison to traditional incandescent lamps, saving electricity in LED bulbs can be up to 80 percent while maintaining the optimal CRI color rendering index.

Siteco luminaires

Siteco luminaires are largely dedicated to urban lighting. They can be used in Smart City programs as part of devices operating in closed systems. This allows you to enter, among others Follow-up lighting, which reduces the consumption of lamps and electricity, while allowing to provide the right level of light where it is needed.

The basic material from which Siteco fittings are made is polyester, additionally reinforced with fiberglass. The use of an adjustable facetted reflector covered with an aluminum layer ensures uniformity of light rays propagation. We gain not only on the minimum dispersion of luminous flux, but also increase efficiency that gives high energy efficiency.

When designing urban lighting, it is crucial to use the luminaires specified previously by the manufacturer. Its reliability and credibility is key to success.

Siteco headlights

The Siteco headlight housing is made of die-cast aluminum. The robust design guarantees resistance to adverse weather conditions, especially rain and moisture. Special attention should be paid to the marking of our lamps. The IP54 and IP65-67 symbols are dustproof and watertight headlamps. An important aspect is also hardened glass resistant to mechanical damage.

The use of aluminum in Siteco products enables production in many color variants. In contrast to cast iron headlights, they do not corrode and are much lighter.