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Tobias Grau Lights Tobias Grau Lights

In 1984, Tobias Grau began working as an independent designer in Hamburg with interior design for offices, agencies and small businesses. The interiors also include their own designs for lamps and furniture. She became the eye of the brand in 1987, when she presented the collection created under her own name. Today, Tobias Grau has two main production areas: interior lighting and design lighting.

Creativity, quality, stability can be characterized by the products of the German lighting and accessories factory Tobias Grau . Over 30 years of successful creative and industrial activity on the market of home and industrial lighting and special accessories has made German furniture and lamps are models of practicality, beauty and functionality in countries in Europe and in the world.

Lighting of houses and hotels, shopping centers and private residences provides LED recessed lighting as well as classic chandeliers and lamps. Bronze and plastic, copper and glass, unique Chinese porcelain raw materials for creating creative interior lighting using expressive and unusual lamps.

Hanging lamps Tobias Grau

Modern energy saving requirements for many designers have become the next direction in their creative exploration. The German company Tobias Grau has released a series of designer lamps whose work is based on the use of LEDs.

The appearance of the hanging lamp Tobias Grau is associated with a falling drop of water. The body is made of polished or brushed aluminum, the light passes through a transparent lens at the base of the lamp. In terms of functionality and uninterrupted stylish design, the model is ideal for spot lighting in residential and public spaces. The lamp can be used in interiors decorated in the style of Loft, modern, hi-tech. Oparawa gives white warm light making the room cozy. Such a beautiful pendant lamp can look impressively in the living room, kitchen, bedroom as well as the commercial premises of the hotel, restaurant.

Tobias Grau ceiling lamps

The theme of falling drops of water has been used in many Tobias Grau products that illuminate the space with an amazing, all-encompassing light. The original ceiling lamp simulates such a true drop of water that you can be so impressed in the real world. The shiny outer shell of each drop plays under bright bundles of economical LEDs. The lamp can be used for a variety of purposes, including reading and full replacement for daylight. The latest technology creates a pleasant, bright light. The falling luminaire emits soft white LED light, the length is adjustable up to 2 meters, the diameter of the light element 8 cm.

Wallpapers Tobias Grau

The wall lamp from the Tobias Grau collection has been designed and made of aluminum. The wall holder can be rotated by adjusting the light output. Wall lamp has been designed so that it could be installed on the ceiling. It is a lamp with one light source and brightens the interior. A G9 halogen with 48W was used. Wall lamp perfectly illuminate and decorate a room arranged in a modernist, industrial and loft style.

The Tobias Grau wall lamp is distinguished by an extraordinary lamp head that has an unusual sheen. The length adjustment used allows for its optional use. Wall lamp with a charming design impresses with a spherical, chromed polished or black head. The connection with the cables using shapes in different colors adds to the whole device. Thanks to LED technology, the light is strong, dimmable and brilliant due to low energy consumption.

Tobias Grau Lights Tobias Grau Lights