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Upholstered Stools

Upholstered Stools

Upholstered stools - an interesting element of an elegant interior

Undoubtedly, fabric is a valuable element of elegant interior furnishings. Classic, subtle beauty is reflected not only in the material, but also in the form of a specific piece of furniture or object. Upholstered stools are a perfect example of stylish furniture that often combines these two factors into one coherent whole.

Leather stools with or without backrest?

Bar stools without a back can be just as comfortable as those with a back. Much depends on the shape of the seat and the material. If it is a good quality fabric with a soft foam underneath it, the seating comfort is very good. Stools without a backrest can be seen much more often in various cafes or pubs. They are elegant, fashionable and willingly occupied by arriving guests. It's the same at home. Such leather bar stools, placed next to the kitchen island or in the dining room, look phenomenal.

Stools with backrest is an optional solution. People with back problems and those for whom comfortable furniture is a priority will surely choose them. The upholstered backrest, if it is additionally perfectly contoured, will ensure even more comfort of sitting.

Modern barstools - for minimalist and avant-garde interiors

Modern bar stools covered with elegant, fashionable fabrics will color any interior and create a warm atmosphere. If you value vivid, expressive colors, choose pastels, for example. For a minimalist design, it is better to choose subdued colors, e.g. white, beige or brown. Good quality fabric looks as elegant as leather, but it defines the interior differently. Stools upholstered with fabric look nice in the classic and bucket versions. A stable backrest ensures the safety of younger members of the household, while the swivel version will make the kids happy.

Upholstered bar stools in various styles

The shape of the chair is interestingly emphasized by stitching on the fabric or quilting on the leather. They add coziness and expressiveness to stools. The phenomenal appearance of such furniture is also influenced by the footrest, which can have a single base or three or even four legs. If you are looking for more avant-garde furniture, choose stools with fancifully shaped legs. However, if you arrange a minimalist interior, barstools with a subtle, simple form will look better.

When buying bar stools, always pay attention to the color, style and overall design. Badly matched to the interior, they spoil its aesthetics and create unnecessary arrangement dissonance.