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Kartell Lights Kartell Lights

Can you invent a lamp again?


The answer is yes! And as a proof you can present here the lamp Kartell, a company cooperating with the most prestigious designers from around the world, also offering, among other things, chairs and other home accessories. Easily recognizable due to its unique style, the Kartell brand has branches in 130 countries around the world. Each item has its own unique soul, distinguishing it against hundreds of generic projects of competitive plants. So let's look at a few suggestions.

Kartell lamps

Uniqueness is an inseparable attribute of Kartell lamps. For example, KABUKI, a lamp with an extraordinary breathtaking tissue-like structure similar to lace, with a perforated surface through which light diffuses. KABUKI, which is about 164 centimeters high, depending on the incident light, resembles the Eiffel Tower or a glass skyscraper. And that's not all - how many more associations with the world of the Far East, Buddhism, Thailand, India! Certainly everyone will see in KABUKI their own image of beauty.

CINDY - this name will always be associated with a supermodel. Lampeller designers, however, say: beware ! They are ready to demolish the existing order. To make the word Cindy from now on be associated with ... metal. Extremely beautiful and noble looking, it's worth adding. Available in six colors, the decorative lamp seems to emanate the quietness reserved only for the stars. Those in the sky, of course. The combination of classic beauty with an extremely modern and at the same time timeless design seems to be a recipe for success. CINDY. A tribute to the stars. The Hollywood and the sky.

There was time for the stars, so it's time for the planets. The PLANET lamp, designed by Tokujin Yoshioka, represents what is unique in planets. The combination of the ball's perfect shape, in this case placed about 125 centimeters above the ground, and the dynamics that takes place on the surface of each planet. This dynamics is life, vigor and uniqueness are visible on the structure of which PLANET consists. Glittering like a diamond, it refers to coal, complementing only diversity in the spirit of this small work of art.

Time for uniqueness. Time for Kartell lamps.

Kartel lamps are a manifestation of the desire that dominates among people in today's world. The desire to see something special, an object that will attract attention not with price but with quality. Uniqueness. That's what Kartell lamps are. The pursuit of individuality, through uniqueness.

Kartell - Reviews about products

Glamor Table lamp Kartell BOURGIE Transparent
April 04, 2018
The lamp is beautiful.