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Smart home lamps

Smart home lamps

Smart homes are the future, there is no doubt about it. More and more products known to us, as common as a refrigerator or TV, go to the market in the smart version. This technology also included lighting.

Smart home lamps

Smart lamps are those that have the ability to integrate with a smart home system. An example can be the so-called ZigBee standard. It allows you to control lighting from any place where we are using a convenient application installed in a mobile phone or tablet. We only need a lamp with a smart home system and a HUE bridge. The application will be downloaded for free in the App Store. Most smart lamps also have so-called dimmers. Thanks to them, we do not need the HUE system. Often, there are different lighting scenarios installed in them at the factory, which does not prevent them from creating their own.

Intelligent lighting

The choice of intelligent lighting should be based on the types of rooms in which we need it. One should not use uniform lighting for all types of interiors. This usually ends with a lack of desirable effects and high electricity bills. Intelligent lighting allows us to adjust the brightness of even individual lamps, which significantly affects the consumption of electricity.

If we are talking about smart lighting, we also need to mention LED technology, which is the basis of modern light sources. The essence of this integration is the semiconductor nature of LEDs that are compatible with electronic control systems. In connection with the Internet and motion sensors, we gain a lot of configuration options. Currently, we can experiment not only with darkening and brightening, but also with changing the color of light from cool to darker. It is even possible to change the intensity and color of light under the influence of music.

Smart lighting

Certainly a large group of people will consider intelligent lighting as an unnecessary technological novelty that will soon pass away without leaving a trace. It is possible that they would quickly change their mind knowing that there is a proven relationship between light and our well-being. For example, white light adds strength and energy, stimulates creativity and motivates you to get out of bed. Perfect for the morning when we need a strong injection of positive energy. In the evening, the same type of light would be undesirable. It's hard to imagine a solution other than smart lighting that would help us get out of this impasse in the bedroom.

Another convenience offered by the lighting control option can be found in the living room. Let's assume that we are watching a movie in which the scene of a waving blue sea appears. With the help of special HUE bulbs, we can make blue, soothing light surround us at the same time. In the case of dynamic scenes and sudden explosions, we get vibrating red or orange. For fans of home cinema this effect is particularly worth recommending.

To sum up smart lighting , creating together with a number of other technologies, intelligent homes are a future in which we can fully transform our home retreats so that it adapts to all the requirements and conditions we set for it.

Smart home lamps