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Children's wall murals

Children's wall murals

Wall murals for the children's room

Painting a wall in a children's room in a specific pattern can be a challenge. If we don't have the talent for painting, it's better not to risk it. Instead of painting, it's better to stick a wall mural to the wall. Its appearance will largely depend on the age of the owner of the room and his personal preferences, but several regularities can be distinguished. Read our tips for choosing a wall mural for children. Wall murals will help to achieve an interesting effect in a child's room.

Wallpaper for a child's room - is it a good idea for a newborn's room?

There are various schools for decorating children's rooms. One says that the walls should be white, because it indicates cleanliness, the other - that the more colorful the better. There is some truth in both statements. The child's room should definitely be clean, but also colorful. This is due not only to the specific vision of interior design, but also to the specifics of children's eyesight. Vivid, colorful colors better catch the attention of a small child. It is only a few years old who looks favorably at pastels. Wallpaper or wall mural in a newborn's room does not have to cover all walls. It is enough if the wallpaper is glued to one wall, for example the one opposite the window, or the one with the baby's cot. This colorful decoration will perfectly match the needs of a small child and decorate the child's room. Leaving the rest of the walls white will be a compromise between the specific needs of the child and the adult concept of a clean children's room.

Wall mural for a child's room - when should you decide on it?

Already several years old children have their preferences, some quite surprising, especially when they choose a negative character from a fairy tale as a favorite. There are also simple patterns on the children's top - bears, cats, dogs, balls, umbrellas, rainbows. Preschoolers asked to choose a nice wallpaper often indicate those with fairy-tale characters, but rather drawn. Animated or living heroes become school-age idols. Wall murals with different motifs can be found on our store's website. The first photo wallpaper can appear in a preschooler's room. Just going to kindergarten opens a new stage in your child's life. It is worth combining it with a change in the appearance of the room, thereby emphasizing how important this change is. It is also an opportunity for the first lesson in combining colors and patterns. Children do not have the sense as adults, so it's worth telling them that some colors do not match and that, for example, belts with wheels do not match. But it's definitely worth letting the child choose the first photo wallpaper. If we are afraid that the choice will be controversial, just resort to a simple trick: give your child a choice among several that are accepted by parents. In this way, the child's room will gain expression.

Children's wall murals - mix of patterns and colors

The slogan "children's wall murals" contains the promise that every child will find something for themselves, regardless of gender and age. Children's wall murals can depict literally everything from simple graphics to panoramic photographs depicting landscapes or large cities. There are also three-dimensional wallpapers that make the room appear larger. Such optical illusions are often used especially in smaller rooms - the wall mural above the dresser or above the bed can visually add several valuable meters. Children's wall murals, especially the older ones, are not always colorful. Sometimes they are subtle black and white graphics that are a discreet but important decoration of a young man's room. They can also perform an educational function. Wall murals with world maps, mathematical or chemical formulas are not uncommon. The wall mural will definitely uniquely decorate a child's room.

Wallpaper for a boy's room is not just cars

It can not be hidden that Lightning McQueen is a frequent hero of wallpapers in the rooms of little boys, but on cars the world of male designs in a children's edition does not end there. The youngest children can even find a pirate ship. Slightly older people will gladly bet on sports or music idols. Among the neutral wall murals for boys, blue-green-brown tones will predominate. Rather, there is no excess pink or red in the boys' rooms. Which does not mean that these colors are prohibited, especially for fans of the fire brigade or the mentioned Zigzag. For the boy's children's room, it is worth buying a wall mural with a motif corresponding to his interests. Geometric wall murals are certainly worth the attention, for example those depicting mountains in the Scandinavian style. Painting them on the walls yourself requires time and skill. It will be faster, easier and cheaper to put the right wallpaper. Children's room wallpapers are a great alternative to traditional wall painting.

Wall murals for girls - from princesses to flamingos

Almost all girls love roses and pastels at some point in their lives. This love starts in kindergarten and lasts for the first years of school education. In parallel, there is a fascination with what is beautiful and rich, so princesses in magnificent carriages and even more magnificent castles are on top. And at the same time you can not forget about seasonal fashion - children up to a certain age follow the herd instinct, so they all want to have the same things - kittens, flamingos or alpacas, which have been very fashionable lately. It is worth remembering children's tastes when choosing when choosing wallpaper for a children's room. In the second half of primary school education, girls' tastes begin to change significantly. This is a good time to replace the sweet pink wallpaper with a slightly more serious one. What? It's best to ask the owner of the room. The range of her interests can be huge. A girl's wall mural should suit these interests.

In our store you will find interesting wall murals for your child! We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our offer! Each product contains information on a specific type of photo wallpaper.

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Children's wall murals