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Vibia Lights Vibia Lights

Lamps of the young Spanish company Vibia are characterized by a functional, transparent design, they convince with high quality of production and are equipped with innovative technology. Despite the formal rigor of the design, the fixtures harmoniously combine with a wide range of devices, creating an atmospheric, pleasant light. Black, white, gold and metal dominate in the color palette of the Vibia collection.

Ceiling lamp Vibia

Only four discrete spring clamps on the corners maintain the square Vibia ceiling lamp. The luminaire gently floats under the ceiling, shimmering with a white shade of glass. The light is evenly dispersed and emitted into the room without dazzling. The device comes in several sizes, so you can match the lamp to your needs. The ceiling luminaire has a surface made of satin glass with metal clamps. The possibility of dimming with an external phase controller with matched performance data makes this device practical and economical.

Table lamp Vibia

Graphite - gray Vibia table lamp was designed by Diego Fortunato, who interprets historical models from the 18th century in a modern way. The quintessence is the aesthetic clarity, in which all the elements of the table lamp maintain loyalty to shades. The lighting technology is also modern: behind an opaque steel wall, an energy-saving LED module has been hidden to get direct and warm lighting down. Depending on the different colors of the surface, the light develops a different form. The combination with floor and suspended lamps has an attractive appearance and individual interior design. The table lamp sends out direct bright light and is made of steel and the polycarbonate diffuser. This model is also available in gold satin, copper and white.

Hanging lamp Vibia

Hanging lamp Vibia was designed by Diego Fortunato and has a good chance to become the longed for lighting connoisseurs of beauty. An exceptionally shaped frame with an initially slender shape, which develops into a more round composition, has the character of a discreet, but exquisite arrangement. The direct, closely-directed emission of light creates a bright island in the rooms, giving them a unique atmosphere. The lampshade is made of painted metal. The lamp has a 75W halogen bulb, and the possibility of dimming with an external phase controller. The luminaire is available in white, red and black.

Sconces Vibia

Wall lamp Vibia is one of the most effective models in combination with light furniture on a modular basis. It is both a small, personal shelf in the range with a LED lamp for general lighting, as well as an additional fixture with a permanently mounted LED diode, which serves as a reading lamp. The wall lamp distributes indirect light, dispersed. The diffuser is made of polycarbonate. This model is available in white and dark brown.

Another sconce Vibia is a striking and timeless orientation lamp for private and commercial use. The luminaire has been designed and developed by Ramos Bassols. The shape is reduced to the minimum necessary. The emission of light comes to the fore. Wall lamp Vibia serves as a practical source of light to illuminate, for example, a staircase or corridor, so wherever security is required. The integrated LED lamp ensures trouble-free continuous operation. This model exists in various geometric shapes, eg square, circle. Wall lamp is made of matt chrome metal and is available in colors: white, black, gray graphite.

Beautiful white wall lamp Vibia designed in 2009 by Jordi Vilardell impresses with a shade made of high, quality triple three-layered opal glass. The attached aluminum gives the lamp a perfect finish. The light from the four halogen lamps emits a pleasant soft, diffused, glow. Fun design, reminiscent of large snow balls and high-quality materials, make the sconce an unusual light device. Regardless of whether it is mounted individually or in a group, the luminaire is a unique attraction for any room.