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Illuminated Mirrors

Illuminated Mirrors

Should a mirror be included in every home's equipment?

We answer extremely quickly that: yes. It is a necessary gadget or, if you prefer, an accessory that will work well not only in the hallway, but also in the bedroom, by the dressing table, in the bathroom and in the wardrobe. Mirrors can never be enough, and why do we devote so much time to them during interior design?

A mirror in the hallway, a necessary element of every home

The walls in the corridor should be adapted so that they fulfill their functional function to the maximum. On one of the surfaces you can attach coat hangers or place a wardrobe for clothes and shoes in the recess. This does not change the fact that the opposite wall should be reserved for a mirror. The more interesting the model we choose, the more beautifully it will emphasize the interior design, the dominant style, and the more often guests will pay attention to it. Remember that the corridor is the first room you invite any visitor to - make a good impression.

Illuminated mirror - where will it work?

Wherever perfection and good visibility are necessary during daily hygiene procedures, we should think about installing an illuminated mirror. It is a convenient and at the same time a very modern option that will fulfill its functions when doing makeup or shaving facial hair. The illuminated mirror reflects light very well, perfectly emphasizes the modern style and selected tiles. You will see how the area by the wash basin turns into a magnificent place for everyday, home SPA treatments.

Make-up mirror - an interesting decorative and practical option

If you like to paint yourself or you do it professionally, you must choose a properly made mirror for make-up for your dressing table. The illumination will allow you to make a perfectly thin line on the eyelid, mascara and color lips like never before. Every element of the face will be visible enough to always look flawless.

You don't like boredom? Choose a decorative mirror for your home arrangement

Round mirrors, in a rich frame or in a specific color scheme, are recently very fashionable. A lot of new models are also original boho mirrors and in the Provencal style. In this category you will surely find a perfect product for you and your interior.