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Scandinavian lamps

Scandinavian lamps

High quality lighting is an important element of the Scandinavian style. The simple and discreet interior has no place for fancy lamps. Recently, the Scandinavian style is especially popular with people all over Europe.

The nature of Scandinavian countries dictates their own requirements for the design of rooms. To compensate for the year-round absence of sunlight to mitigate climatic conditions, the apartments are as comfortable, bright and warm as possible. Artificial light sources play an important role in the direction of design.

How should Scandinavian lighting look like?

Scandinavian lamps in the interior are used very actively, it is necessary to combine several types of lamps, trying to create a strong natural light calm and discreet. The number of lighting fixtures depends on the room surface and individual zones. Scandinavian design does not tolerate unnecessary details, and rich colors are used only in the decor.

The choice of Scandinavian lighting

Previously, the chandelier in the room was seen only as a source of light in the darker hours of the day. Today, the lighting technology is much broader, it ensures good lighting, it serves as a decoration, it helps to divide the space into functional zones, creates a harmonious atmosphere. In addition , Scandinavian lamps are a significant element of design. The lamps emphasize and complement the chosen style. Lighting in the Scandinavian style is created using single-color lamps, different shapes and textures are allowed, but no shades.

Which Scandinavian lamps will be the most suitable?

  • Color palette. White is the main color of the Scandinavian style. It occurs in the decoration of walls, furniture and lighting. The white pendant lamp with a discreet mesh lampshade and one light source made of metal acquires an exceptional design, perfectly fits into the interior of the living room, bedroom, dining room as well as the kitchen and the hall. If someone wants to play in contrast, he can choose a lamp with a golden or black shade. Colorful models in this design direction are a rarity.
  • Scandinavian lighting fixtures prefer geometric shapes. When buying a lamp, models with a subtle diffuser should be preferred. Designers often resort to experimenting by introducing original lanterns in a metal frame, the so-called Edison lamps. An example is the model of a hanging lamp in chrome and white made of glass and metal, showing a raw light bulb without a lampshade. Such an unusual Scandinavian lamp will provide a pleasant lighting for the bedroom, dining room, kitchen and teen room.
  • When creating Scandinavian lighting , it is necessary to use lamps made of natural materials: metal, ceramics and glass. Ceiling lights for many light sources look good in this interior. Great illumination in the form of a lamp for 7 frames is a craft of design and performance. The snow-white lampshades made of ceramics suspended on a chromium-colored base are simply the ideal furnishings for the living room and dining room.

Kitchen lighting with Scandinavian lamps

Lighting in the kitchen in the Scandinavian style should be multi-layered consisting of ceiling lighting, work and dining lighting. There are some subtleties in the organization of space. The Scandinavian style is dominated by white, because the kitchen is quite light. To facilitate cooking and family gatherings, it is important to ensure strong ceiling lights. In the case of spacious rooms, designers recommend choosing a large lamp or chandelier, which will be the highlight of the interior. In the room it is worth to supplement the lighting with sconces eg in the shape of a sphere in white and chrome made of metal and glass.

When planning lighting in a Scandinavian interior, you can not forget to highlight the dining room. A small, suspended pendant lamp made of glass, metal and wood in the color of a beech with a white shade shielding the bulb constituting its "roof" will be a great choice for the dining room and kitchen over a small table. The large apartment will be completed by a huge chandelier, a group of lamps with the same design.

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Scandinavian lighting Konan floor lamp white / red- white / white E27 60W

To get a completely different look, we’ll use the Scandinavian interior trend. In terms of lighting, this means luminaires with a minimalist design, soft colors and made of wood and metal. If you choose this style of lighting and apply it in our pink environment with a light gray sofa, you will immediately see the different atmosphere it creates.

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Scandinavian lamps