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Kitchen stools in various versions

Stools are seats loved in the kitchen. They are compact and do not have unnecessary protruding elements, so they do not take up space. After the meal is finished, you can also easily slide them under the table top. Stools are available in a variety of styles, shapes and colors. This allows you to match the appropriate seats to the needs of any kitchen interior. For people who care about comfort, it is recommended to choose upholstered stools. Thanks to them, you can eat a meal or drink your morning coffee in greater comfort.

A wooden stool as an alternative to a chair

Wooden stools are a classic of the genre. They fit traditional, modern, rustic, Scandinavian and many other arrangements. You can find furniture with a round and square seat. The colors are also varied and allow you to choose those that will perfectly match your table. An aesthetically made wooden stool can also complement the coffee table or coffee table in the living room, which are often found in modern apartments.

Dressing table stool in a woman's bedroom

The place for stools is not only in the kitchen. These seats can also be found at the dressing tables, where they are a perfect complement to the female beauty corner. Backless stools do not obscure the beauty of the dressing table. Seats are often upholstered with fabrics with decorative patterns. Among some models, instead of straight legs, you can find bent and profiled, referring to retro style.

Non-standard uses of wooden stools

Stools can not only be used as a seat. Their shape and small size make them perfect for footrests. A wooden stool can be placed near an armchair or sofa, so that you can comfortably extend and rest your legs. This piece of furniture can also be used as a small, handy table. It will be perfect in the living room to put a cup of coffee or to put away the keys in the hall. The only limitation for the use of stools is really creativity and imagination.