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Pouf for sitting, relaxing, for everything

Pouf is a universal element of home or apartment furnishings. It can be used in many different ways, although the most important one is certainly allowing sitting. Poufs are often found on porches and hallways because you can sit on them while putting on your shoes. Very comfortable, they are often used during larger meetings when there are no full-size chairs. The pouf is in no way rated lower than an armchair or a chair - everyone likes it! Poufs are cylindrical, cube or rectangular in shape, but more irregular shapes can also be found.

A pouffe with a storage compartment in which you can hide any item

Hiding places in pouffes have been known for a long time. They are perfect for hiding small items, usually shoe polish or spare keys or slippers. The regular opening and shape of the cubes (or sometimes cylinders) make it easier to hide even larger flowers inside the pouf. The glove box opens easily and pleasantly.

A pouffe for the hall? Sure!

A pouffe in the hall is a great idea! Easy access from each room allows you to quickly move the pouffe and get to the harder to reach shelves in the wardrobe or above the kitchen hood. The hall is more and more often a place to put on shoes. All the more so, the idea of ​​placing a pouffe in the hall seems almost perfect.

Upholstered pouffe, the latest cry of fashion

Upholstered pouffe is known from movies or series. It can take almost any shape, so it will appeal to everyone, regardless of taste. The timeless elegance of upholstered pouffes helps in meetings with less frequently invited guests, because it serves as ... a topic for conversation. The most frequently chosen colors are green or gray, although the catalog also includes black and gold. Bold, bright colors of upholstered pouffes are more and more often chosen - then they are the dominant accent in the room. Still, classic colors are definitely dominant, not too imposing and universal in perception.